We all have our preferred style of dressing. This style usually expresses our personality, makes us feel happy and beautiful, fits in with our lifestyle and helps us achieve our goals. Which of the following styles of dressing best expresses who you are?

Richard Eberhartonce said, “Style is the perfection of a point of view” and that point of view is about your Self and how this is expressed in your dressing choices. It is also the point of view that projects to others and gives them a visual definition of who you are, what you like or don’t like, etc. So, what is your style peg?

It’s Anton’s first business presentation. Let’s see how he learns to put his tie on his own.


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Ella Cleofe


Through the ELP, I was able to learn to speak English spontaneously and confidently. It helped me in my career growth. I recommend JRP to others because it will help them in their personal growth and improve their English.

Nicole Pineda


After taking ELP classes in JRP, I became humbler as I applied what I learned in Conversation Club. Some of the topics in Conversation Club made me value the things I have now. JRP taught me how to be contented in life. I recommend JRP to others because it is the bridge to whatever they want to achieve in life.


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