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I have been a very shy person and when I enrolled at John Robert Powers, I have learned how to properly speak, how to express myself. I have been applying the things I’ve learned. I am still a little bit shy but I am improving through every action I make. When I was studying, I barely talked to anyone but once I continue to learn, I started opening up to those around me. I still struggle at speaking to people I just meet and speaking on stage but I remind myself of the things I learned at John Robert Powers. Even though I am still shy I have improved a lot at other things like my wardrobe, posture, and social graces. My friends and family notice that I’ve slightly changed but I will still keep learning and applying what I’ve learned at John Robert Powers.


VCIS, Grade VI

In John Robert Powers, I learned many things like table manners, posture, how to speak more clearly and to know my values and my goals in life. After I went to John Robert Powers, I applied everything I learned in my everyday life. There are a lot of things I learned, but the most important thing I learned is that I should know everything about myself, to be confident wherever I go and be aware of everything I do and everything around me.


Grace Christian College, Grade VI

I am writing this testimonial to share with you the pleasure of joining John Robert Powers. I learned how to improve myself by dressing up properly and expressing myself to other people. When my mom told me that I was going to JRP, I felt kind of annoyed because I just thought of staying at the house and just watch K-drama. When I got to JRP, I realized that my mom enrolled me here because she saw something from me that could be improved here in JRP.


Everest Academy – Grade 7
Personality Development Program Level IV

Enrolling in JRP will help you to communicate with others and develop your confidence. You will also learn a lot of things like etiquette, believability, and more. You’ll also learn how to take care of yourself by choosing the best clothes, to style yourself, and a lot more. JRP will teach you to be brave and to speak English very well.


Personality Development Program Level III

At first, I was hesitant to attend classes here at John Robert Powers, but now that I did, I definitely don’t regret it. It was more than I expected. It taught me a lot of new things. I really enjoyed and made new friends. It made me a better person.


De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, Grade 7
Personality Development Program Level III

I feel like this kind of training is important and I should learn more about social skills, wardrobe, etc. I’m lucky to know and learn these things from JRP and that I should share these learning with others.

Mara Andrea Pagunsan, 11

Immaculate Conception Academy, Grade 7


I, a student of JRP, have seen the capabilities of this institution to change a person. JRP is a high-class institute with high-class professionals who teach normal people the confidence in different perspectives.


Grade VI, Notre Dame of Greater Manila

Before I enrolled in John Robert Powers, I always felt like my appearance didn’t matter much. I wouldn’t wear dresses or pretty blouses either. I would just put on slacks and a nice button-up shirt. Nowadays, whenever a party or formal occasion / gathering is planned, I would wear a dress that would suit the event. Besides my improved appearance and gaining more confidence, I also experienced a new environment with new friends and learning more about myself – like how other people perceive me. Either a first impression or an opinion about me. I really had fun and a memorable experience in John Robert Powers, and I hope to inspire others as well.


Grade 10, Grace Christian College

I had a lot of fun in John Robert Powers. I made lots of friends and I discovered more about myself. I have been more confident in myself recently and I have become more popular in school. The lessons JRP taught me, like make-up, grooming, what clothes to wear, speech articulation, really helped me boost my image. I highly recommend JRP to other who want to boost their confidence in themselves.


Grade 9, OB Montessori

When I was asked by my mom if I want to join JRP again, I immediately said yes since I know that it will help me improve myself. My expectations of JRP didn’t disappoint me since it really helped me boost my confidence and made me reach my objectives. With everything that I learned from JRP, I feel like I will excel more. I am really glad and thankful that I joined JRP.


De La Salle University, 1st Year College

John Robert Powers made me see things in a different light. I was able to enhance my skills in communication and became proud of myself for what I have achieved. I realized that “You are you and no one could change yourself but you.” I know my worth, “I am who I am” and if they don’t like who I am, it is their perspective. How people see us, it is their perspective, their opinion and we can’t change how they think but we can change ourselves and by doing so, the people around us will have now a better perspective on us. When we change, we have to change for the better and not for the worst. I am aware about my surroundings, myself, and what is happening in our country, the whole universe. I became a better version of myself. I learned many things from the instructors that I have already put into action in my life. I would like to thank JRP for helping me for all the teachings and realizations about myself and others.


University of Sto. Tomas - Freshman

John Robert Powers has helped and guided me throughout the classes. It’s teaching style is very unique that I learned a lot.


De La Salle University – 1st Year College


Before I entered JRP, I had difficult time speaking in front of a large crowd. My self-confidence was somewhat low. Through JRP, I boosted my self-esteem and became a better person.


I want to thank JRP for helping me become confident as a woman and as a communicator. This experience made me realize that discipline is always not easy but it’s worth it.


Fresh Graduate

Coming from a public-service and business-oriented family, young as I were I have to have a deep value and understanding of community service and respect for the opinion of others that in the long run, without awareness, it has corrupted and tarnished my sense of self. The 'self' that I thought was is a product of fear – a worrisome feeling of being judged for doing things that I want and can do, pseudo-success-victories worked hard for just so they’ll have nothing negative to pine on and hostility-may become more of a passive and submissive individual.
JRP, however, made me realize that living in this world with should can be avoided- it is a choice that you have to want to make. Thus, in this process, I have come to find my real self; aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I have come to see my value and how I could help and inspire others to live their true authentic self, too.
From a mind full of queries and a heart palpitating so fast because of shyness and anxiety to an optimistic thinking and mindset and a gracious, open self and others-accepting heart, John Robert Powers has transformed me to who I am now and will surely be the foundation of who and what I’ll become. To date, it goes without saying that I have returned the 'self' to myself. And oh yes, public service is still my cup of tea.


UP Manila College of Nursing
Personality Development Program Level III

John Robert Powers taught me how to be the best of myself. My facilitators also taught me how to be confident, how to look good with other people, and to socialize with everyone. They taught me to become the best Shaine I can be. Thank you, JRP!


Far Eastern University Manila, 3rd Year
Personality Development Program Level III

Many thanks to John Robert Powers for helping me to pursue my dreams in life. I learned to become a better person, to dress up properly, to be confident, to also learn how to project myself in front of the camera, learned etiquette and manners and how to carry myself. I also learned to be more mature. I discovered new things and realized that “being yourself” is the key to success.

Joannah Marie G. Rivera, 18

Enderun Colleges, 2nd Year BS Business Administration
Personality Development Program Level 4 student

John Robert Powers has successfully molded me to become the best I can be. It is capable of unlocking the different kinds of potential each and every individual has. With this, I can say that JRP helped me discover my hidden talents and potentials.

Kyle Sy, 18

Xavier School


Enrolling here in JRP helped me to be more confident and provided me more knowledge. Here, I understand the lessons I didn’t know while I was still in college. I know now the correct pronunciation that I didn’t know before. JRP helped me a lot and it was a great experience!


Personality Development Program Level III

I really want to thank John Robert Powers for everything. I am a person always put down my self because I was bullied. When I entered here, it improved the way I see myself and it made a big impact in my life. Thank you, sir Jem, Ma’am Pat, Miss Ning, Sir Francis, and other facilitators whom I’ve met. Now, I am ready to face the real world to achieve my dreams.


Far Eastern University
Personality Development Program Level III

Etiquette is not outdated and John Robert Powers taught me that. Being socially graceful, in it’s most basic form, is about respect for yourself, carrying yourself well and projecting a supreme image and respect for others, manners and good conversation. To know the things that will make me a better person and better to others. JRP has given me this knowledge and power to succeed in the future.


Enderun Colleges
Special PD 1 on 1

JRP helped me develop my confidence and taught me how to communicate with others. JRP also helped me present myself to others and how to dress-up properly.


DLSU – 4th year
Personality Development Program Level III

I worked in Keyland as a property specialist. Enrolling in JRP will help you communicate with others and develop your confidence. You will also learn a lot of things like etiquette, believability and more. You’ll also learn how to take care of yourself by choosing the best clothes, by styling yourself and a lot more. JRP made me a better person.


Property Specialist
Personality Development Program Level 1

I would say that the program makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses in personality. It gives you clear things to do in order to boost yourself and your relationship with others. After this, I’m certain that I’ll get into the music production program in my school and I’ll do well when I get these.


Benilde College of Music – 3rd Year
Personality Development Program
Special One-on-One


Looking back, I spent my summer in John Robert Powers taking personality development classes and so much more. Brimming with pride and excitement, there I was with my colleagues gliding our feet while enjoying our runway polishing techniques - one of my favorite classes that made me confident to try the world of pageantry. Now, I’m reaping the advantage of investing my time wisely, from being a shy teen I now feel more adequate. The training I went through is now innate in me. Thanks to JRP for molding me to become a responsible adult, capable of maximizing my potentials to the fullest. Lastly, JRP has helped and shaped me into who I am today. The exposure and experience they gave like the “summer showcase” made me realize that they could really make things happen for you. I am now more comfortable dealing with people. The experience is one of the highlights of my teenage years.

Roanne Refrea, 26

Miss Tourism World Philippines 2015

John Robert Powers was my first step to reaching my goal. It helped me discover myself more and appreciate who I am as a person. It has also helped me enhance my skills and talents which are now very important in the industry that I am in. Learning from experienced instructors was a very good experience. They encouraged and guided me to be the best that I can be. John Robert Powers made it happen for me!

Jennifer Tarol Barrientos

Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2008

I learned how to present myself very well in front of the crowd in JRP. I also apply the believability lesson when I’m in the competition and believe that I’m beautiful, talented, and intelligent person. Although I don’t have any title yet, I’m still contented because I know I showed my best self. I will always be positive and patient until I reach my dreams. Lastly, if I lose one dream I still have another one.

Christine Mae Maligalig

Being part of the John Robert Powers family means a lot to me especially for teaching me improve my pageant career as well as applying it in my daily life style. I go to work with everything I have learned from JRP to be the best that I can be; not only pageants but also as a person in whatever field of work that I’ll be in the future. I like to have my own business. I know whenever I need further teaching, I’ll always turn to JRP as it’s the best out there. I would like to thank everyone especially the whole JRP team, my family and friends who have been pushing me hard to improve myself. I didn’t get my first target but I won’t stop, I will join more pageants and I’ll always be thankful to John Robert Powers for the success.

Ina Guerrero

Binibining Pilipinas candidate 2015

Lack of self-confidence, yes, you heard it right! It was the reason why I hated joining pageants at first. While everyone believed I can do it, I didn't. Until John Robert Powers made it possible and made it happen from speaking, walking, and interacting with other people. JRP helped me develop my overall personality.It all started with JRP! Thank you to my mentors and to John Robert Powers.

Leren Mae M. Bautista

Ms. Tourism Queen of the Year International 2015


At JRP, they taught me the necessary skills to overcome my fears and cultivate the art of self-expression. With their help, I learned to believe in my own abilities and not be hindered by my self-imposed limitations. From a shy, awkward boy stripped of all ambition and aspiration, I’ve grown into young man beaming with confidence and skills consistent with my career. Today I am a young actor, singer, dancer and commercial model and I have a lot to thank JRP for. So much has changed and the new Benigno De Guzman, Jr. is happy to have been a part of the John Robert Powers family. “Believe in yourself. Be who you are. Don’t be scared in challenges. You may not know but this challenge can one day bring you success.“

Ben De Guzman

Star Magic Artist

John Robert Powers helped me discover my passion in life. It made me realize that we should develop our God-given talent and share it with people around us. JRP honed my skills in acting and my entire personality. Everything was just a dream before and JRP made it all happen! Dream come true! Everything is possible. Just dream big, pursue it, and share it with passion.

Manel Sevidal


The English Learning Program of JRP helped me a lot in terms of socializing with other people. I learned how to use the tenses of verb correctly. I would recommend JRP to others because it is a good school for anyone who is having a hard time with English.

Karen Mae Reyes

ABS-CBN Artist

My overall experience in JRP has been a wonderful roller coaster ride! I just love how the class size is absolutely perfect! Being with different kinds of people and leaving the class with them as your friend is always fun. But of course, it could be scary at times, especially when they give you the wrong impression. That’s how JRP trains you. From how you dress to how you speak and how you stand up, it may all sound vain but what can you do? After all, everything starts from the first impression! Then personality comes next. That’s why it’s called personality development! They teach you how to openly express how you feel the proper way, which is to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Then if you think you’re ready for something extraordinary, I suggest you upgrade to the celebrity program! It’s my personal favorite! I never thought I would try acting nor hosting. But here I am, hosting events and soon, you’ll be seeing me in an independent film. So if you think you can’t act, host or model well, this program will help you see the light! This program will definitely bring out the superstar in you! JRP indeed makes your dreams come true!

Nikita Conwi

I remember when I started out as an awkward teenager at John Robert Powers 10 years ago. I was in high school and I believe I was still at that stage of discovering who I really was. One thing I knew—I loved performing and dreamed of seeing myself on TV one day. I didn’t really know what John Robert Powers was about until I saw an ad on the newspaper. I called up and I was immediately scheduled for an appointment by one of the consultants. To make the long story short, I started attending the personality development classes a week after speaking with my consultant. I found the lessons very helpful since I was at a “transition” stage. In the visual poise class, not only was I taught to walk with confidence but also command attention upon entering a room without having to say anything. I might have been too young to apply make-up but John Robert Powers made sure that students like me learned the importance of caring for one’s skin and hair. One of the classes that really made an impact in my life and present career was the voice communication class. I still remember the day my instructor told me that she knew she would see me on television one day, delivering the news or hosting a show. 10 years after, here I am enjoying my job as a broadcaster while imparting my knowledge and experience as one of the JRP instructors. John Robert Powers develops the skills and talents of every student, making sure that everyone reaches his/her fullest potential.

Ingrid Nieto

Radio DJ


Because of JRP, I have faced and have overcome my doubts and came out to be a more confident version of me. I have learned more about myself and my worth as a person. Miss Marisyll once said, “You are a person of substance; you are more than just a face and a body.” Confidence comes from within. It’s surely something that I will not take for granted but will yearn to develop.

Germaine Ferrer

Face of John Robert Powers 2015 Female Winner Personality Development Program Level 1

My favorite part of the Personality Development Program is the discussion about how to know my skin type, how to take care of my skin specially the face and how to do day and night make up. Next, I learned more about myself like what are my strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, the portion where I came to know what I need to improve and what I need to do to have a good impression.

Jade Bernardo

Face of John Robert Powers 2014

A lot has changed since I won the title of being the Face of John Robert Powers. One of these is change in my surroundings as a student. They admire and respect me. Most of them say, “Wow! Sikat ka na, friend! Model ka na!“. Some people recognize me even though I do not know them personally and it flatters me. I was also invited in general assemblies and other major events as their special guest. There was an instance where a candidate competing for the Engineering Ambassador and Ambassadress who asked me to teach him how to walk on a runway gracefully and how to project in front of the camera.

AJ Durana

Face of John Robert Powers 2014


Before going to JRP, I don't have the confidence to write business letter. I actually dread going one and it's a dilemma that I kept inside of me for many years since I started working. When my father was still alive, I used to always seek his help to compose letters for me. When I got married, I always call my husband from afar, even if he was in Mindanao just to write a letter for me. You could just imagine how exhausting it was on my part and my husband's just to comply to my requests, not until I have decided to go to JRP. I can remember vividly my first session - meeting my facilitator. I really felt that excitement especially when my facilitator started the lesson and the lessons after that, my wonderful experiences started to flourish. JRP did not let me down! Now, I'm confident that I can address any type of business letters. Actually, my husband is now the one asking me for my help...even my boss. The moment I walked on the floor at JRP and met the beautiful faces of the personnel, I knew I'm on the right path.


Philippine Airforce, Psychologist
Business Writing

I enjoyed every session here in JRP. I learned a lot from my facilitator. JRP helped me to be more confident unlike before. I know now how to communicate with other person without thinking that I am shy. JRP helped me how to change my image, how to dress up, how to walk properly, and speak well. Enrolling in JRP was such a good experience and it was worth it.


1 Stage English Learning Program

My experience in JRP has helped me a lot in gaining the confidence that I need when speaking English. Before, it’s awkward for me to hear myself speaking the language. But now, I can say that there’s a big improvement in the way I write and speak English. There are still grammatical errors but those things can be worked out as I continue to use the language. I think I need more practice. I might enroll again in one of JRP’s classes in the future. Hopefully in Personality Development class.


Research Assistant

Before joining JRP, I thought that I have all of my life together but I came to realize that I did not have everything. Two years ago, my parents recommended that I join this school and I said I do not like to join because I thought it was not right for me. When I entered college, I had very low self-esteem. As soon as summer started, I begged my parents to enroll me to JRP so I can improve my self-esteem and refine my English skills. I just wanted to say thank you to JRP for helping refine my English as well as giving me the opportunity to achieve more.


Valencia College / Accounting Student

The lessons in JRP are really helpful because the lessons can really change one’s personality. I really loved how the instructors discussed all of the lessons and I also learned a lot. I just hope that I could go back to JRP again to learn more lessons that I haven’t learned.


Centro De Cultura, Grade VII
Upper Beginner Teens, 1 Stage

I have two main reasons why I inquired at JRP two years ago: (1 Improve my conversational skills and (2) develop self-confidence in public speaking / presentation using the English language. I still have a long way to really be as fluent but I am more confident now than before, believing that I can do better everyday. Friends are still surprised with the amount I paid for a four-month course, but it doesn’t matter to me, especially now that I have completed the course. JRP Directress, Ms. Mildred, listened to my personal assessment and what really need based on that (and her own assessment), a program was customized for me. I learned a lot from grammar to even non-verbal communication. I enjoye the sessions especially when a topic is given and I have to share my thoughts on the basis of correct grammar, thought organization and speaking. Thank you for this customized lesson for me. Thank you to my facilitators. I guess, this is one of the best things ever done for me as a student. More power to JRP!


Asst. Sales Supervisor New Business Development
@ Sharp (Phils.) Corporation
1 on 1 Special English Program


My experience in John Robert Powers’ Pageant Training is transformative! It is really one step forward to being a queen! Maybe not a beauty queen but a queen of one’s own right. From being a plain Jane who is often hit by petty insecurities, I was able to realize better my self-worth and became very happy with who I have become. I learned that the validation that I am a beautiful person has to come first from me. In a nutshell, the most significant lessons I learned from the pageant training is to be poised and to be effective when I speak. JRP taught me that a queen always has to maintain poise at all times, whether standing waiting in line for the train or from dining in a formal setting. Her poise can go a long way and this should enable her to be spotted even from a distance. Seems like a lot of work but it is really a mindset to be developed. I used to dread public speaking as I was conscious of the people looking at me, but I learned that once on stage, I have to focus on the goal, which is to basically convey a message. Ever since, I always try to keep my composure during public speaking and direct my energy in delivering the message, which always has to makes sense and delivered in a clear manner. These two things were my main takeaway from JRP’s pageant training and I know these will make me the queen I am meant to be!

Rachelle Marie G. Rabino, 22

Department of Public Works and Highways, Civil Engineer

The reason why I joined this beauty pageant training is because I want to develop into my full potential and to enhance my talents and skills in engaging to bigger pageants in the future. As I experienced the two-day training, I met people from different walks of life that helped me to socialize better with other people. I realized that for you to beautify your physical appearance, you have to consider your inner beauty as well. Since I am planning to join bigger pageants, I am now more confident that I can compete and handle myself. I am very thankful and blessed to be a part of this pageant training.

Danna Ashley J. Mayo, 17

De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, 2nd year Student

I was indeed blessed to be one of the few students to be chosen for the sponsored beauty pageant training. This training helped me to be more confident and to feel good about myself. It changed how I behave and socialize with others. It helped improve the way I walk, talk and dress-up. It also made me realize that inner beauty is the most important thing. Since I’m a pageant enthusiast, I was able to use all I’ve learned in JRP and applied it to all the pageants I recently joined. This training really established a good foundation for me and will continue to apply everything I’ve learned as I join bigger pageants in the future.

Danielle Anthea J. Mayo, 22

BPI/MS Insurance Corp. / Claims Staff

The free pageant training last August 2016 was a surprise blessing for me. I never thought of being in the top 12 participants of John Robert Powers. At first, I was nervous of what will happen next and upon auditioning in the said event, the whole staff of John Robert Powers were accommodating and friendly. It was an excellent learning experience to be part of them. I feel at home with the teachers and staffs. They treated us like family. During the training, I have learned all the manners and etiquettes of a beauty queen. It was delivered very well. Kudos to JRP! Thank you for choosing me as one of the participants of your free pageant training. It was a fulfillment of a dream to be part of an institution who will mold you to your greatest!

Beatrix Nathania See Javier, 20

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, 3rd Year

It has been almost 6 months since I was selected to be part of Sponsored Beauty Pageant Training last August 2016. I didn’t expect that I will be chosen because I have no experience joining beauty pageants. What I know is that I have a dream to become one of the successful Filipina beauty queens. I am happy and delighted. I am able to learn and to gain knowledge on what the industry is doing. It is difficult to compete in beauty pageants because you have to be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually ready. John Robert Powers taught me to believe in myself and to fill my self with confidence. Every woman has her own advantage but if you wear confidence and believe you can, definitely you will win the competition. My two-day journey for the Beauty Pageant Training was filled with so much confidence and fresh start of my journey to become the better version of myself. I treasure that day because it is the beginning of the new me. I started to think of ways and apply the lessons I learned during the training. I always tell myself that it takes time for me to become a beauty queen. I need to train myself and be ready for the battle of becoming the next Filipina beauty queen who will represent the country in international competitions. Thank you John Robert Powers! If you have not chosen me to be part of that Beauty Pageant Training, I would still be thinking of how I will be able to start my journey to be a beauty queen. Everything starts from a dream and I am amazed that that dream will come to reality. John Robert Powers will always be a part of that journey.

Marylan Dianopra, 20

Maersk Global Service Centres Phils. Ltd

Being a participant in the sponsored Beauty Pageant Training was a huge milestone for me. It was an affirmation of my dream of becoming a beauty queen. The education I received from John Robert Powers gave me a strong foundation towards reaching my best self. It taught me how to have a winner’s mindset, that in everything that I do, I should strive for excellence. I had the privilege of being mentored by the country’s finest trainers who are experts in their field. They recognized my potential and they cheered me on as I take steps toward turning my dream into a reality. The past 6 months have been eventful for me in all aspects of my life. As the saying goes, “Success favors the prepared mind.” I have sought opportunities to continuously enhance myself so that I will be 110% ready by the time I compete at a beauty pageant. My daily routine is geared towards becoming 1% better than I was yesterday. I started leading a healthier lifestyle, incorporating workouts/exercises on a daily basis, having a proper diet and getting the right amount of sleep. I researched on learning the essentials of becoming a beauty queen – the right make-up, the proper walk and how to dress like one. I lived each day acting as if I were a queen already, being at my best at all times physically and mentally. I surrounded myself with people who encourage me to chase after my dream. I developed a positive self-image and it reflected with the way I live my life – finding beauty and purpose in everything that I do. I am thankful to John Robert Powers for providing such an opportunity. As a kid, I could only dream of being a product of JRP. If it were not for their Sponsored Beauty Pageant Training, I would not have the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone and overcome my fears. Thanks to JRP, I am confidently beautiful with a heart.

Marie Gabrielle M. Brillantes, 22

Proprietress of a learning center, law student

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