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English Learning Program Graduates

Before going to JRP, I don't have the confidence to write business letter. I actually dread going one and it's a dilemma that I kept inside of me for many years since I started working. When my father was still alive, I used to always seek his help to compose letters for me. When I got married, I always call my husband from afar, even if he was in Mindanao just to write a letter for me. You could just imagine how exhausting it was on my part and my husband's just to comply to my requests, not until I have decided to go to JRP. I can remember vividly my first session - meeting my facilitator. I really felt that excitement especially when my facilitator started the lesson and the lessons after that, my wonderful experiences started to flourish. JRP did not let me down! Now, I'm confident that I can address any type of business letters. Actually, my husband is now the one asking me for my help...even my boss. The moment I walked on the floor at JRP and met the beautiful faces of the personnel, I knew I'm on the right path.


Philippine Airforce, Psychologist
Business Writing

I enjoyed every session here in JRP. I learned a lot from my facilitator. JRP helped me to be more confident unlike before. I know now how to communicate with other person without thinking that I am shy. JRP helped me how to change my image, how to dress up, how to walk properly, and speak well. Enrolling in JRP was such a good experience and it was worth it.


1 Stage English Learning Program

My experience in JRP has helped me a lot in gaining the confidence that I need when speaking English. Before, it’s awkward for me to hear myself speaking the language. But now, I can say that there’s a big improvement in the way I write and speak English. There are still grammatical errors but those things can be worked out as I continue to use the language. I think I need more practice. I might enroll again in one of JRP’s classes in the future. Hopefully in Personality Development class.


Research Assistant

Before joining JRP, I thought that I have all of my life together but I came to realize that I did not have everything. Two years ago, my parents recommended that I join this school and I said I do not like to join because I thought it was not right for me. When I entered college, I had very low self-esteem. As soon as summer started, I begged my parents to enroll me to JRP so I can improve my self-esteem and refine my English skills. I just wanted to say thank you to JRP for helping refine my English as well as giving me the opportunity to achieve more.


Valencia College / Accounting Student

The lessons in JRP are really helpful because the lessons can really change one’s personality. I really loved how the instructors discussed all of the lessons and I also learned a lot. I just hope that I could go back to JRP again to learn more lessons that I haven’t learned.


Centro De Cultura, Grade VII
Upper Beginner Teens, 1 Stage

I have two main reasons why I inquired at JRP two years ago: (1 Improve my conversational skills and (2) develop self-confidence in public speaking / presentation using the English language. I still have a long way to really be as fluent but I am more confident now than before, believing that I can do better everyday. Friends are still surprised with the amount I paid for a four-month course, but it doesn’t matter to me, especially now that I have completed the course. JRP Directress, Ms. Mildred, listened to my personal assessment and what really need based on that (and her own assessment), a program was customized for me. I learned a lot from grammar to even non-verbal communication. I enjoye the sessions especially when a topic is given and I have to share my thoughts on the basis of correct grammar, thought organization and speaking. Thank you for this customized lesson for me. Thank you to my facilitators. I guess, this is one of the best things ever done for me as a student. More power to JRP!


Asst. Sales Supervisor New Business Development
@ Sharp (Phils.) Corporation
1 on 1 Special English Program

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