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English Learning Program Graduates

Before joining JRP, I thought that I have all of my life together but I came to realize that I did not have everything. Two years ago, my parents recommended that I join this school and I said I do not like to join because I thought it was not right for me. When I entered college, I had very low self-esteem. As soon as summer started, I begged my parents to enroll me to JRP so I can improve my self-esteem and refine my English skills. I just wanted to say thank you to JRP for helping refine my English as well as giving me the opportunity to achieve more.


Valencia College / Accounting Student

The lessons in JRP are really helpful because the lessons can really change one’s personality. I really loved how the instructors discussed all of the lessons and I also learned a lot. I just hope that I could go back to JRP again to learn more lessons that I haven’t learned.


Centro De Cultura, Grade VII
Upper Beginner Teens, 1 Stage

I have two main reasons why I inquired at JRP two years ago: (1 Improve my conversational skills and (2) develop self-confidence in public speaking / presentation using the English language. I still have a long way to really be as fluent but I am more confident now than before, believing that I can do better everyday. Friends are still surprised with the amount I paid for a four-month course, but it doesn’t matter to me, especially now that I have completed the course. JRP Directress, Ms. Mildred, listened to my personal assessment and what really need based on that (and her own assessment), a program was customized for me. I learned a lot from grammar to even non-verbal communication. I enjoye the sessions especially when a topic is given and I have to share my thoughts on the basis of correct grammar, thought organization and speaking. Thank you for this customized lesson for me. Thank you to my facilitators. I guess, this is one of the best things ever done for me as a student. More power to JRP!


Asst. Sales Supervisor New Business Development
@ Sharp (Phils.) Corporation
1 on 1 Special English Program

I am a nurse by profession. And nursing jobs are more in demand abroad. Getting a work abroad is not easy. You need to take a lot of exams and one of these is IELTS. That’s why I enrolled at JRP-ELP. Before I enrolled here at JRP, I am afraid to speak English- thinking that I might not speak right. JRP taught us to be more confident. They taught us what we really needed to improve on. I learned how to use proper tenses in constructing grammar and event correct pronunciation, and I also learned the importance of widening my vocabulary. Now that I finished level 1, I would say that I feel positive changes in my communication skills. Thank you, JRP!


English Learning Program, 1 Level

When I entered John Robert Powers, I didn’t expect that it will change me, but now, I’m very vocal that it helped me a lot especially on personality development. It improved my personality. Now I know myself completely and what I am capable of doing. It improved my image like how to dress in different occasions and what fits my body. Voice communication did a great work on how to communicate well to other people. JRP and its people are very friendly and accommodating.


Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba
Personality Development Program Level III
1 Stage English Learning Program

English is not our first language but this language helped me with my job and allowed me to use these skills to talk to foreign clients. I thought that my learning is quite enough. I was hesitant with my grammar that sometimes, I was even misunderstood. As I entered John Robert Powers, the expectation of building my self-confidence using the proper grammar and delivering the speech have changed me. The facilitators were very helpful and patient with us and allowed us to open-up ourselves on what we don’t understand. The sessions are not enough for me because I crave for more learning. Unfortunately, I’ll be leaving the country but given the chance, I would love to still continue and enroll to the next English level.


English Learning Program, 1 Level Telephone Banker at JRP Morgan & Chase Co.

Because of JRP, I became aware of my image and way of speaking. Before, I don’t care about how I look whenever I went out. Now, I make sure at least that I wear decent and comfortable clothes and be confident wherever I go. I also try speaking in English even though I make few mistakes. I am more motivated and focused on my goal now.


English Learning Program, 1 Level Patts College of Aeronautics, BS Tourism

JRP introduced a new method to enhance my English proficiency skills in an interesting and fun way.

Luke Immaculate A. Viduya, 12

Grade VII, Caloocan High School

Before I went to John Robert Powers, I was a little bit scared because maybe the teacher will scold me about the errors I did. When I took JRP lessons (which is the first day), I said, “Well, this isn’t bad at all.” I thought at first that I will have a boring discussion every meeting, but it was fun. Thank you, JRP, for teaching me to conquer my fear and stage fright.

Mara-Ron Antoinette T. Bilon, 12

Grade VII, Miriam College

When my mom told me to join JRP, she wanted me to be fluent in English and to be able to express myself confidently. I said yes, and enrolled myself. The classes really helped me not just about how to dress myself but how to be confident and how to interact with other people. The instructors make us feel welcome every class like we’re just friends. JRP really helped me when I entered college. I was more confident and was able to make new friends. Thank you, JRP and to my instructors that pushed me to do well.

Tracilyn Choy, 21

4th Year, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde

On the first day of my class at John Robert Powers, restlessness and nervousness struck me as I entered the unfamiliar environment with strange faces. Initially, I had a difficult time speaking up and sharing my ideas in front of strangers. However, as I engaged in the conversation club, I gradually built up and developed my confidence and speaking skills. I learned that I need not be nervous and just naturally and unhesitatingly share my ideas. In my English class in JRP, I further developed my grammar skills and, somehow, writing skills as well. Indeed, enrolling in JRP was a good decision as it gave me several benefits. Not only did it improve my English writing and communication skills, but also opened the opportunity to allow me to meet and interact with new people.

Hughie Bryce Chua, 15

Grade 10, Xavier School

John Robert Powers helped me a lot in my communication skills. English is my weakness and JRP helped me to overcome that weakness. They taught me the proper usage of tenses, words, and prepositions. They helped me boost my confidence in communicating with other people through English language. Also, they helped me realize that English is not really that hard to use and understand. Before I enrolled in JRP, I really had difficulties communicating in English. But now, I think my communication skills have, somehow, improved. I am now able to use correct grammar. I can speak without hesitations. Although I know that there are still things that I need to improve, I am much better now than I was before I entered JRP. JRP helped me a lot especially in my studies. I am currently a law student. As a law student, I talk more and I write more. I am also obligated to use the English language than Filipino language. Knowing the proper use of my tenses, words, and grammar, I am able to express my thoughts well and my confidence is really amazing. Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given to me to be part of JRP.

Zhainey C. Apostol

3rd Year, Far Eastern University

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