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English Learning Program Graduates

JRP English helped me to be more aware of the use of tenses and how I can use them during job interviews and talking with suppliers. It boosted my confidence as well as in writing besides dealing with clients.

Kristahl Cara Castillo, 22

University of Asia and the Pacific Enterpreneural Management – Alumni

When I heard about John Robert Powers from my former college English professor, I got curious and told my husband about this center. We decided to try it to enhance my English communication skills. So to make the long story short, the positive contribution of JRP in my life is that it boosted my confidence in using English, my self-esteem, and my communication skills especially in our school programs, church meetings, and family gatherings.

Gisells M. Realubit, 33

Public High School Teacher

I really learned a lot of things from my JRP-ELP experience. They taught me how to overcome my weaknesses. The good and friendly facilitators taught us more than what’s on the book but also valuable lessons and pieces of advice on how to communicate effectively.

Francis Bryan M. Roxas, 21

AMA Computer College – Graduate

I really enjoy attending JRP courses because they really take good care of me, I feel more comfortable now with myself and it helped me mature. I would recommend JRP to other people because we must value ourselves for us to get high paying jobs.

Heidi C. Borega

Student, PD Level V & ELP 2 Levels

The courses here at JRP helped me to improve myself by interacting with other people and believing more in myself. I would recommend JRP to other individuals because the programs will surely help them to be more confident.

Angelique Jimenez

Sanitary Engineer, PD Level III & ELP 1 Level

The English Learning Program of JRP tremendously helped me with my English and confidence in speaking. It also helped me prepare writings for my job.

Ethel Jeminal

Audit Associate

JRP brought out the best in me. It helped build my confidence. In class, I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. What I enjoyed most about ELP are the classes, the people I met and the activities the facilitator provided us with.

Dufflie Ganzon

Audit Associate, ELP 1 Stage

The English Learning Program of JRP has helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation of words, everyday communication skills and public speaking skills. It has also helped me gain confidence in delivering speeches, lectures and reports. I enjoyed the communication skills activities in every session. Improving communication skills is definitely not hard if it is done in JRP.

Jenibelle Dumayas

Engineer, ELP 1 Stage & PD Level 1

Last summer before I enroll here in JRP, I was very shy and I lack the confidence in terms of speaking in English. Then I heard about this JRP and that they are offering an English Learning Program. I just thought that maybe if I enroll in this course, I will improve on my English skills. After my sessions in JRP, my confidence and skills in English indeed improved.

Aldrei Inocencio C. Camarao, 18

Philippine State College for Aeronautics – 3rd Year College

The English Learning Program of JRP helped me improve my grammar and pronunciation of words. I have become more confident in dealing with clients. I would recommend JRP to others because the classes are really fun and interesting, at the same time you learn a lot.

Joanna Hong

Accounts Payable Analyst, ELP 1 Stage

The ELP has helped me become more confident in talking in crowd. I am now able to converse my thoughts.

Rodelyn Torres

ELP 1 Level

Because of the English Learning Program of JRP, I was able to assist clients with their needs and promote our products well. In the ELP, I was able to learn how to speak English properly and converse well with my classmates. The program helped me a lot when it came to talking to a lot of people. I would recommend John Robert Powers to others because it is such a great institution for enhancing one’s skills and talents.

Lara Santiago


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