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English Learning Program Graduates

The ELP has helped me become more confident in talking in crowd. I am now able to converse my thoughts.

Rodelyn Torres

ELP 1 Level

Because of the English Learning Program of JRP, I was able to assist clients with their needs and promote our products well. In the ELP, I was able to learn how to speak English properly and converse well with my classmates. The program helped me a lot when it came to talking to a lot of people. I would recommend John Robert Powers to others because it is such a great institution for enhancing one’s skills and talents.

Lara Santiago


The learning environment of JRP is good. Because of the ELP, I was able to speak English with confidence and communicate with foreigners well.

MC Chan

Product Manager

The ELP helped me build confidence in expressing myself through good communication. I was able to apply what I’ve learned without the fear of committing mistakes. I know that the ELP of JRP will help me in my work as well as with my plan to migrate to Canada.

Glinda Macadangdang

Internal Auditor, ELP 2 Levels

Through the ELP of John Robert Powers, I was able to gain confidence in using English. I recommend the ELP to others because I know the program will help them grow.

Josephyn Serrano

Medical Physicist, ELP 2 Levels

John Robert Powers not only helped me speak in English with confidence. It also helped me learn the proper posture and look like a professional. I recommend JRP to others because they will learn a lot here.

Ann Jimenez

PD Level III & ELP 1 Level

Through the ELP, I learned to practice English and be good at it. I recommend JRP's ELP to others because the teachers are really great and interesting.

Mary Ann Jao

ELP 1 Level

The most successful experience in taking the ELP classes of JRP is learning how to communicate in English with confidence. Learning the proper pronunciation of words is also very helpful. I would recommend JRP to other because I know JRP can help them.

April Sison

After attending ELP classes at JRP, I became a reader. I hated reading before, but now my life has changed a lot. I learned to love reading books and searching for words I’m not familiar with on the net. I also learned to be confident in speaking English. I know I can be a future author someday because of the ELP of John Robert Powers!

Sherlene Huertazuela


After taking ELP classes in JRP, I became humbler as I applied what I learned in Conversation Club. Some of the topics in Conversation Club made me value the things I have now. JRP taught me how to be contented in life. I recommend JRP to others because it is the bridge to whatever they want to achieve in life.

Nicole Pineda


Through the ELP, I was able to learn to speak English spontaneously and confidently. It helped me in my career growth. I recommend JRP to others because it will help them in their personal growth and improve their English.

Ella Cleofe

Banker, ELP 1 Stage

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