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At first, I was hesitant to attend classes here at John Robert Powers, but now that I did, I definitely don’t regret it. It was more than I expected. It taught me a lot of new things. I really enjoyed and made new friends. It made me a better person.


De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, Grade 7
Personality Development Program Level III

I feel like this kind of training is important and I should learn more about social skills, wardrobe, etc. I’m lucky to know and learn these things from JRP and that I should share these learning with others.

Mara Andrea Pagunsan, 11

Immaculate Conception Academy, Grade 7

When my mom told me that I would be attending John Robert Powers sessions, I was a little bit curious because I didn’t know what it is. She told me that I would be enrolling there so that I will be more confident and be familiar with social graces. I also felt a little bit sad when I found out that we have to wear dresses and heels because I am a shirt-jeans-and-sneakers type of girl. On the first day, I was a little bit shy because I didn’t know anyone but when I tried talking to my classmates, I felt a little better. At first I thought the classes would be boring. Then after one class, I found out that it was fun. The teachers are friendly and I could easily ask help from them. My classmates were easy to get along with and they were fun to be with. They are just like my friends at home that is why I was able to talk to them easily. JRP helped me to have a better posture. I also learned to pronounce words better and say them according to my emotions. I learned that people would believe what you say by the way you say it. I also learned what kind of clothes I should wear for my body type. I realized that the clothes I wear can make me look smaller or bigger and taller or shorter. JRP also encouraged me to talk to strangers without being shy. I realized that eye contact is important because people would trust you more. JRP made me know more about myself and helped me become more confident.

Audrey O. Jaucian, 11

Reedley International School, Grade 7

At first, I didn’t really think I’d like it but I saw it all. How happy my brother was with his friends so I joined. It was a great experience and I’m sad to be leaving. It improved me and made me my better / best self. Like it promised me to, I made awesome friends. I’ll never forget. It introduced me to my lifelong best friend, and helped me gain more on the way. If I become happy and maybe even famous in the future, I’ll never forget this program. It pushed me to have the strength to gain the incredible confidence I have today.

Giuliann Eimm L. Fadrigalan, 11

San Besa Alabang, Grade 5 Personality Development Level 3 student

Thanks to JRP because when I first came here, I was so confused of what to do. I was so shy. I don’t believe in myself and I always thought that I can’t be friends with other people but when I finally finished JRP, I never knew that I could have so many friends, that I can believe in myself and also achieve my dreams.

Celestial Love Decena, 12

Sacred Heart College, Grade 6 Personality Development Level 4 student

I learned so many new important stuff that I never learned before. I learned how to walk properly, sit, eat, and talk properly. I knew the basic and major things now and now, my family members are proud of me.

Lithara Ann S. Malabanan, 11

Manresa School, Grade 7 Personality Development Level III

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