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I just finished Level 3 and I really enjoyed the journey to get here. I feel like JRP has really boosted my confidence and communication skills because before I got here, I had a really hard time communicating my thoughts well and I was pretty shy but after multiple classes in Voice Communication, I feel like I can express my thoughts just a little bit better now. I plan of coming back next year to complete the program and I know I will have a really fun time doing it!

Kyle David Eisma, 12

PAREF Southridge ersonality Development Program Level V student

I learned how to be confident when talking and being talked to. I learned how to walk properly. I learned table manners. I learned how to make proper eye contact.

John Garrett B. Vergara, 11

Maria Montessori Children’s School Foundation Inc. Personality Development Program Level 1

JRP helped me how to be kind and friendly and how to be good to others. I also became creative in doing things on my own in every session that I took.

Patricia Eunice Ong, 11

Immaculate Conception Academy

John Robert Powers has affected my practice of etiquette significantly. I know how to set up a table correctly and can also eat spaghetti properly. I also know how to dress appropriately for special occasions. I am unafraid to make an impromptu speech and I can also finally pivot correctly. When I went to my boot camp, I was the best at pivot turning. I have not yet “unleashed” my fullest potential but I think I am getting there.

Diego Bernardo Luna Pison, 12

Centro Montessori International, Grade 6

I’m the second placer in a competition when was in Grade I. I won in the field demonstration when I was in Grade III level. I would always win Best in Costume in our school during special occasions.

Jelian Jane B. Marcos, 9

Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, Grade 4, PD Level III

Because of John Robert Powers, I knew myself better. JRP boosted my self-esteem. I can join contests without self-doubt. I now have a pleasing personality and I can now make friends easily.

Jayce Eunice B. Salvador, 12

La Consolacion College – Caloocan, Grade 6, PD Level II

John Robert Powers taught me to be proper at all costs. Manners are very important. Also, JRP taught me to be confident and to always be the best I can be.

Denizze Mikaella Ang, 11

Miriam College, Grade 7

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