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JRP made me realize and admit things about myself that I probably will never confide in anyone else because I was too insecure about it. I wasn’t proud of myself because I see myself as a failure due to the fact that I was so used to looking at other for approval other than my own. I learned that the first step to being a better person is loving and accepting yourself as a worthy human being. There are things we can’t completely change about ourselves but we can improve them as we go on with life and learn from mistakes and challenges.

Mikaela Faye Polo, 17

2nd Year College

I believe that John Robert Powers’ program is what our own schools lack. It is something that should be taught at an early age to make sure people around this world will have a better and brighter future. It’s important that we know the proper etiquette in every situation so that we can be confident. This way, we can serve and have awareness of each others’ needs and our country’s needs as well. John Robert Powers has helped me in so many ways, from someone that has low self-esteem to someone who believes in herself and is already confident. Enrolling here may be such a huge investment but I know that someday this seed will grow and will yield greater results.

Razeline Michelle Lee Chua, 17

2nd Year College, University of Sto. Tomas

I am Christel. At my very young age, I really dreamt of becoming a ramp model, if give the chance and when I’m ready to be one. Thanks to the JRP Program, which helps me a lot in improving my skills and potentials. Although, I honestly believe that there are a lot more to learn and to improve, which I prefer to learn soon on my next year at JRP, still JRP gave me the chance to achieve my goal step-by-step, slowly but surely as they say. I know one day I can be a good if not the best model in the country. Thanks a lot and I’m very proud to be one of your students.

Christel Timbol Cristobal, 14

John Robert Powers has been able to help me improve my personality and confidence by giving me information from all the facilitators and classmates throughout my journey in JRP. I have been able to speak comfortably in public and be able to express my ideas in a well-organized manner as to not make things sound boring or clustered. It has also been a new beginning because I feel like a new person after knowing my weaknesses and strengths so I was able to improve myself in many aspects and meeting other people has made overcoming our problems a lot easier as we would all help each other out towards a common goal.

Kevin Michael A. Cruz, 17

Manila Central University 2nd Year College

Before, I was very shy and timid because I’m afraid to talk to other people. But now, after I enrolled at JRP, I’m not shy anymore. I have confidence and I know that I can do all things because I believe in myself.

Acereil V. Basco, 16

New Era University, Grade 11

I enjoyed my stay in JRP. I’ve gained friends and I also learned a lot of things in order to develop myself. I still lack many things but I think that I’ve improved a lot compared before.

Jenerose Estacio, 15

Grade 10 - QCSHS

Joining JRP makes me feel insecure because there a lot of people / students who are better. I forgot, I am the best and I believe in myself. Believing in yourself means that you can do it.

Phoebe Rose Ramos, 16

2nd Yr College – FEU Manila

I am a jolly and funny person but I only show that side of me when I am with my friends. At school, I am having a hard time in expressing myself because of my lack of confidence. So, my classmates see me as a very shy person, which I am not when I am with my circle of friends. My mom encouraged me to enroll at JRP so that I can express myself and be confident enough to raise my hand and answer the question. When I enrolled in JRP, I was surprised to see what I am capable of doing. JRP really helped me not just in improving my confidence and communication skills but also in unleashing my potential.

Alexis Keith Bonus, 16

Grade 11 – Notre Dame

I think that John Robert Powers have a lot of things that people need-something that is really helpful or important to them. It talks about how to stand, how to sit, how to eat, how to groom, how to achieve, how to get rid of nervousness or shyness, how to remove negative stuff that we have, how to gain more friends, how to read to the audiences, and how to have good posture. It was a new experience for me.

Jake Adaza, 17

The Seed Montessori School

Last July 2015, my mom told me that she found a workshop that can help my English speaking ability. I felt very excited because I really want to improve my English. Back then, I got bullied because my wrong pronunciation of words and wrong grammar. I started to hate myself. My self-esteem became low and I was not confident to face other people because I always remember the hurtful words that my classmates said to me. So, when I studied here in JRP, I became a strong and a friendly person. I gained confidence and I can now easily talk to the other people. I can easily make friends with them. I love the improvement in me, not just physically but mentally.

Mary Grace Artillaga, 16

Grade 11 - Santa Isabel College

Before attending John Robert Powers, I thought that I was already content with my self-image and how I behaved in social situations. After taking my classes, I realized that I still have so much more to improve on just like the basic etiquette that isn’t taught in school.

Francesca Pizarro, 14

Assumption Antipolo

There’s a saying by Brian Tracy: “Move out of your comfort zone. You cannot grow if you’re not willing to feel awkward when trying something new.” Joining JRP was definitely out of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t normally want to join anything that involves me speaking in large groups. Because it was already summer, I was thinking of some activities to do and I thought to myself, “There’s no better time to try something new than now.” After that, I quickly told my parents what I wanted to do and I have never regretted it since then. I remember feeling sick to my stomach on my first day in JRP. I was so nervous and scared but also excited to learn something new. I guess one of the things to look forward to everyday was seeing my classmates. At first, we were all very awkward to one another but just after one class, we got the chance to talk with one another and be more familiar with each other. It was exciting to have met new friends and learn together. In joining JRP, one of my objectives was being able to present myself better. I wanted to grow as well as develop more of my personality and be the best version of myself that I can be. The classes indeed were able to help me achieve all of those. I didn’t really expect to enjoy the classes as much as I did. Even though we had to present and speak in front of a large audience, it was actually fun. I became more comfortable facing a large audience. Of course, the classes wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful teachers. Each of them usually tells us stories that would inspire us to strive harder in becoming the best that we could be. They were all different, and that’s what makes them irreplaceable. I took a step and tried something new, and I never looked back.

Arianne Sherisse Chua Chan, 15

Jubilee Christian Academy, Grade 11

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