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I became more confident than I was before enrolling at John Robert Powers. It was a really fun experience for me because I met people whom I always treasure and consider family. At the same time, my teachers did a tremendous job in teaching me things I will never learn in school. The efforts of my teachers to keep the class fun are never wasted because it was truly a memorable experience. I have learned who I truly am through John Robert Powers.

Shawn Nathaniel Tan Yu, 15

Grace Christian College, Grade 10

Before JRP, I was shy and not confident with myself. JRP helped me come out of my shell and show all of my potentials as a person. JRP helped me accept and respect my physical and mental state. After JRP, I can say that I’m much more confident with myself.

Sparsha Sreedhar, 17

Ateneo, 1st Year College

Life is a rollercoaster. The previous years, I don’t exactly know what I’m capable of doing. I would compare myself to others. In short, I think low of myself. With the help of my family and friends, I discovered a whole new person inside me. I am able to help those who have problems and inspire them. It led me to know my capabilities. John Robert Powers has positively contributed in a way that I’ve met new friends and discover the path I am about to take in the future. Also they have taught me to believe in myself and never doubt my strengths and learn from my mistakes.

Ayra Alaiza P. Almazar, 16

1st Year College

I’ve changed a lot and thanks to JRP. I’ve changed for the better. I’m more comfortable showing who I really am and I’m happier with who I am. I can now see things for myself that I wouldn’t even imagine before. I have a long road ahead of me and what I’ve learned will surely help me.

Gianne Maria Nuguit, 16

Miriam College High School, Grade 12

It is fun in JRP. It made me gain new experiences and new knowledge about communicating and about self-confidence.

Emmanuel Magbanua, 14

Meridian, Grade 9

Long before, I wanted to improve my personality aside from my academics. When I entered JRP last December 2015, I was excited of what I was about to learn. I learned in the sessions about personality, image, communication, and social graces. The classes were interesting and had a creative and detailed way of teaching. My instructors are also very kind and helped me improve a lot. They also answered all of my questions correctly and in detail. After the program, I learned a lot more on personality and it had a great impact on me. I exude more social graciousness and improved my image as well as my communication skills. It will also help me be a better person and can even make me have the qualities of a good leader.

Ralde Anuel S. Bautista, 13

MGC New Life Christian Academy, Grade 8 PD Special Program

John Robert Powers has created a great impact in my life. Before I was enrolled here, I had a low self- confidence and slightly low self-esteem. There are moments in my life when I keep doubting myself and that keeps me from achieving certain goals I want to achieve. After spending my whole summer here, I discovered a lot of things I didn’t know about myself and my surroundings. I now understand it takes courage, patience, and trust in myself before I can finally achieve the achievable. So, I’m taking things slowly, step-by-step. This way, I’m able to have more confidence with myself piece by piece.

Shayla Iyesa Sy, 14

Iloilo Scholastic Academy, Grade 9 Personality Development Level 5 student

Before summer began, my mom informed me about JRP and encouraged me to join in order to improve my way of dressing, confidence, and the way I speak. Before, I’d always dress in T-shirts and pants or shorts to go with a pair of rubber shoes. My confidence was really low and I would always degrade myself. When I speak, my voice gets too low, squeaky, and I’d talk too fast and stumble on my words. But now, just finishing from Level 5, I have greatly improved on my way of dressing because I’ve u-turned from jeans and shorts to skirts, t-shirts to dresses or blouses and shoes to heels or flats. I don’t downgrade myself anymore because I believe that there’s only one me in this world and it would be such a waste to put myself to waste when I can provide much for the improvement of everything around me. The best of all, I believe I’m starting to speak more clearly and slowly. Reaching my goals to improve will take time but it’s something worth waiting for.

Sheirese Ira B. Sy, 16

Iloilo Scholastic Academy, Grade 10 Personality Development Level 5 student

I believe that JRP has made me improve myself. I feel that I can be more open to people. I can speak clearly, and can even deliver speeches. I started to care on how I look and what I wear most days. JRP showed me that I can still improve myself and that I still have a lot to learn about myself and in what I can do.

Eunice W. Chieng, 14

St. Peter the Apostle School, Grade 10 Personality Development Level 5 student

John Robert Powers made me realize a lot of things. I realized that I always had the potential to do many things that I thought I couldn’t. “Self-confidence comes from within,” I was told. The only thing that’s stopping me from doing things is because I always told myself that I couldn’t. I learned that looking good and presentable on the outside will help me look and feel confident, which is true. People will look up to me and think I’m confident and intelligent. My point is, as long as you believe in yourself, you can do wonders. I’d like to thank JRP for making me realize that.

Jayzely Eroko Lacnit, 16

OB Montessori Center Inc., Grade 11 Personality Development Level III

After finishing my first level of JRP last year, many complimented me on significant changes on how I look and act. Now, I believe I have improved even more. My former fear of public speaking is fading away. I walk and talk confidently. I learned more about myself and how I can be the best me. Originally, my mom had to convince me a lot to join JRP. Now, I’m sincerely glad I took my chance. The experience is truly worthwhile.

Dominique Rae C. Urbiztondo, 14

Philippine Science SMC, Grade IX Personality Development Level II

This is my second year in JRP. I came here because my parents convinced me to. I really didn't like the idea of coming back here because I wanted to spend my time having fun instead of having classes. During classes, I could see myself becoming more sociable and more approachable. As of now, I don't see much improvement in myself but I know that a lot of progress will happen after I start applying what I've learned these past two weeks.

Bea Sofia Chiong, 14

Misamis Union High School, Grade 9 Personality Development Level II

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