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Coming from a public-service and business-oriented family, young as I were I have to have a deep value and understanding of community service and respect for the opinion of others that in the long run, without awareness, it has corrupted and tarnished my sense of self. The "self" that I thought was is a product of fear – a worrisome feeling of being judged for doing things that I want and can do, pseudo-success-victories worked hard for just so they’ll have nothing negative to pine on and hostility-may become more of a passive and submissive individual.
JRP, however, made me realize that living in this world with should can be avoided- it is a choice that you have to want to make. Thus, in this process, I have come to find my real self; aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I have come to see my value and how I could help and inspire others to live their true authentic self, too.
From a mind full of queries and a heart palpitating so fast because of shyness and anxiety to an optimistic thinking and mindset and a gracious, open self and others-accepting heart, John Robert Powers has transformed me to who I am now and will surely be the foundation of who and what I’ll become. To date, it goes without saying that I have returned the "self" to myself. And oh yes, public service is still my cup of tea.


UP Manila College of Nursing
Personality Development Program Level III

John Robert Powers taught me how to be the best of myself. My facilitators taught me to also how to be confident, how to look good with other people, and to socialize with everyone. They taught me to become the best Shaine I can be. Thank you, JRP!


Far Eastern University Manila, 3rd Year
Personality Development Program Level III

Many thanks to John Robert Powers for helping me to pursue my dreams in life. I learned to become a better person, to dress up properly, to be confident, to also learn how to project myself in front of the camera, learned etiquette and manners and how to carry myself. I also learned to be more mature. I discovered new things and realized that “being yourself” is the key to success.

Joannah Marie G. Rivera, 18

Enderun Colleges, 2nd Year BS Business Administration
Personality Development Program Level 4 student

John Robert Powers has successfully molded me to become the best I can be. It is capable of unlocking the different kinds of potential each and every individual has. With this, I can say that JRP helped me discover my hidden talents and potentials.

Kyle Sy, 18

Xavier School

JRP helped me to be confident and to express myself better. They helped me discover my potential and how to protect myself gracefully. They helped me to trust my abilities and myself in everything I do and do things passionately to the best of my abilities. They also taught me that people make their impressions regarding you by the way you talk, the way you stand, and the way you project yourself. That is why, it is important for one to cover all these bases to become the best version of oneself.

Justine Anne Gurtiza, 21

University of Sto. Tomas, 4th Year College

Before I discovered JRP, my life was really dull and I get too pressured because of friends. I don’t really open up even to my family, friends, and to my community. I prefer staying at home and watching them socialize because I am afraid of being judged by other. When I’m being judged, I get mad or get negative vibes. Because of JRP, I became the person I want to be and I’m not afraid of being judged. I learned to love myself in JRP.

Patricia Bernadette C. Arganda, 21

4th Year College – FEU Makati

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