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Being in John Robert Powers is truly a blessed and humbling experience. From my shy and awkward appearance back in 2013 to a more confident self I am now, JRP had a huge role in my personal development. Through all of my intensive classes in JRP, they were able to hone me as a confident lady. Thank you to all my teachers and mentors for equipping me with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help me become better each day.

Michaela Ileto Navato, 20

De La Salle University

This all started out as an opportunity I saw that my summer schedule was free, and so, I decided to give JRP a try. I dared myself to go out of my comfort zone because this experience is definitely out of my shy and little-to-no confident character. Yet, despite all my new and interesting experience in learning how to do make-up and wardrobe, I saw how all the classes come together in harmony to make me realize how beautiful I am. There are too much things to say but if there’s one thing I can mention here, it’s this: I never regretted any decision to attend JRP for it definitely changed my perspective of my life, decision, and myself.

Camille Tan, 19

ADMU, 3rd Year AB Management Economics

I started my classes in JRP two months ago and I can assure everyone that many things changed in myself as a whole. I remember on my first day, I planned to ditch the classes because of fear but thankfully, I didn’t. Visualization 1 was my first class in JRP, which helped me lessen my fear and it helped me get a much better view of myself. The next days until the next months, I have learned so much that I didn’t want to leave, not to mention the great people I met that I can consider as friends and very good persons. Before my classes in JRP, I considered myself “not normal”. (Ask me why.) Well, I considered myself not normal because I have a high-pitched voice and a small height. So, people always think of me as an elementary student even though I already graduated from high school. What JRP taught me is that we must accept our flaws and we must love them. Now, I know that I accept that I’m small. I know that God gave me this height for a reason. JRP also taught me how to improve my voice and project it well. I will continue to practice them until I reach my goal. I am really thankful to God because He let man create this school for those people who are in need. I know that God is smiling and happy for these people who helped in the development of every person they teach. Indeed, their time and effort will never go to waste. Godspeed!

Andrea Loyola Desmer

De La Salle University – Dasmarinas, Grade 11

John Robert Powers made me realize a lot of my potentials that I didn’t know I had. JRP encouraged me to be my better / best self and made me dream big.

Hanna Patricia M. Santos, 21

Flight Attendant, Qatar Airways

Before entering John Robert Powers, I saw myself as the type of person who is socially awkward in situations where I do not know anyone. I remember sweating and having really cold hands while talking to a complete stranger. Knowing this, I knew I had to do something about it since college is about to start. I heard about John Robert Powers from my friend in high school and I was fascinated by the training one had undergone in JRP. When I heard this from her, I immediately wanted to enroll. However, I had no time to because of the upcoming college entrance tests. I waited until I got to college to tell my mom I wanted to enroll at JRP.Since the day my mom enrolled me, I know for myself how much I have changed as a person: from that socially awkward caterpillar to a not-so-awkward and social butterfly. I am so thankful to JRP for the training it has given me; training I will treasure and definitely use for the rest of my life.

Geonina Vanelyn Chuachiong Co, 18

University of Sto. Tomas, 2nd Year College

I like all the classes. It was all helpful especially the Visualization, Voice Communication and wardrobe classes. All the facilitators are nice. I like the newly-renovated Quezon City branch.

Roberto Isaac V. Alfonso, 23

X-Trad Paper & Packaging Co. Inc., Marketing Assistant

I was that shy kid back in high school. I was a total wallflower. I didn’t know how to handle the challenges at home, school, social groups, and my own personal life so it reflected on me. After graduating from high school, I did what I can to improve and I’ve been wanting to break free from whatever that was blocking me mentally. So, I discovered this and it helped me realize that self-awareness and balance is the key to a happier life.

Mary Claudette Balangitan, 22

DLSHSI College of Medicine

All the classes are helpful especially the voice communication, visual poise, power dressing, etiquette, etc. The facilities and the instructors are also great. My top 3 facilitators are Ms. Ducky, Mr. Mark, and Ms. Shaila.

Bernice Jane Alfonso, 22

First Gourmet Academy

I started JRP because my parents said that I needed it. I, too, said that I needed it so I enrolled in JRP. On my first day, I was actually bored with my first two classes because of the teacher. He was too sarcastic and not funny but he was trying hard to be funny. As the days went by, I met new teachers and became close with my classmates. I started having fun, learning new things and getting closer with friends. It helped me in my social skills by making me comfortable with people and asking us to speak in front of each other. It also helped me in my posture because before JRP I had a hunch at my back but now, I walk with a straight body and with confidence.

Carmelo Daniel C. Oabel, 18

Malayan Colleges Laguna Personality Development Program Level III student

I took up the courage to change myself since I’ve been a boyish girl since I was little. I had short hair and sometimes, people mistaken me for a boy. Even if my interests until now are sports like football or other boyish stuff like martial arts, I wanted to be more feminine. I didn’t have problems talking to people since I could speak English and Filipino well and maybe I’m also naturally not an awkward talker to anyone. I was “one of the boys” kind of girl back in high school since I met a lot of friends in Ateneo Football Center. Before, I never cared about how to dress well or even to think about what I should wear since they know what will suit me but I thought this couldn’t go on forever especially when I’ll be in DLSU that doesn’t have a uniform. I started wearing flats and dresses in my second year in DLSU which was an improvement from my shirt, pants, chucks, and jacket outfit. People also noticed those changes and I was happy. Now, since I’ll be entering graduate school, I’m confident how I’ll carry myself in front of others. How I should talk, act, etc. because I’ve learned a lot from John Robert Powers.

Marydith F. Eusebio, 21

De La Salle University Manila – Batch 2015

Two of the greatest obstacles in my life are my lack of self-confidence and my lack of fluency in speaking English. I was not very confident too when it comes to socializing. John Robert Powers helped me improve these aspects in my young life in ways that other educational institutions cannot do. JRP also gave me the chance to meet new friends around my age group, making me feel more determined and open to initiate conversations outside of my usual circle of friends.

Patricia Mae S. Castro, 21

San Beda College of Law, 1st Year

JRP helped me believe in myself more. I realized that for other people to appreciate me, I must first appreciate myself because I am a unique individual. Also, I realized that I am worthy of love and appreciation, and the most important thing in my life is for me to accept who I really am for other people to accept me.

Katrina Joy Capulong, 22

Graphic Designer, PD Level II

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