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Two of the greatest obstacles in my life are my lack of self-confidence and my lack of fluency in speaking English. I was not very confident too when it comes to socializing. John Robert Powers helped me improve these aspects in my young life in ways that other educational institutions cannot do. JRP also gave me the chance to meet new friends around my age group, making me feel more determined and open to initiate conversations outside of my usual circle of friends.

Patricia Mae S. Castro, 21

San Beda College of Law, 1st Year

JRP helped me believe in myself more. I realized that for other people to appreciate me, I must first appreciate myself because I am a unique individual. Also, I realized that I am worthy of love and appreciation, and the most important thing in my life is for me to accept who I really am for other people to accept me.

Katrina Joy Capulong, 22

Graphic Designer, PD Level II

My journey here in JRP has been great and happy. I met new friends and share stories with them. I am inspired with my family and inspired to achieve my goals in life as I attend my classes. I am motivated to develop my skills and personality as I know that it will give me positive changes that would help me in my future journey and endeavors. Now, I am somehow more confident with myself and how I see life. With optimism and self-confidence, I know I can do more and I can excel in things that I want to do.

John Augustine Cagas, 19

University of Sto. Tomas, 3rd Year College, PD Level I

Taking classes at John Robert Powers, even for just one level, really helped me adjust as I changed universities. I was confident before, and I am even more confident with my abilities now.

Isabel Anastacia G. Esguerra, 18

Ateneo De Manila University, 1st Year College, PD Level I

John Robert Powers is a very effective institution in developing and exploring my personality. The program is very helpful in knowing oneself better, and it helps me find peace in some issues I have with myself. I hope to be able to return and take refresher courses as life is ever changing. With JRP, I am able to keep in touch with myself.

Raphael Denisson Orinday, 21

San Beda College of Medicine – Freshman PD Level II

I’ve become more confident according to my friends in Assumption. They tell me that they don’t see me as a shy person and do not even notice traces of my shyness. Overall, my blockmates tell me that I’m not a shy person after all. I’ve become more active in my studies. I finally started reciting and participating in class activities. Most of my classmates now ask me to be the group reporter and some of my professors rely on me to answer questions in class when no one else knows the answer to their questions. Yes, I’m happier and I’ve never felt so alive. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve felt like this. After JRP, I really started to dream again and I finally started to develop my talents. Maybe one day, you’ll see me performing in Broadway if I play my cards right.

Lauren Cudo, 18

Assumption College, PD Level III

First and foremost, as I enter in this institution, I feel inferior and have low self-confidence that is why I initiated to enroll here in John Robert Powers. At first, I feel so nervous but as the time goes on, I felt so excited to wake up every morning and go to John Robert Powers because I want to learn and I enjoy because I have many friends already. I’ve learned a lot from this institution even though my stay here was short. Completing my Level III Personality Development program is a very big achievement for me because I learned from your institution. I imparted to my friends, my classmates, and to my siblings what I have learned here. It is a return of investment because the value of money that we spent is nothing compared to the value of knowledge that I have gained from JRP. Thank you so much. God bless!

Alona R. Cardoza, 22

3rd Year College, PD Level III

John Robert Powers has helped me in a lot of ways especially on how I developed myself as a person. I have improved my manners. I now answer questions politely in a way that would not offend the person I’m communicating to. How I present myself to others has improved significantly. Most importantly, I now believe in myself that I can do it and have avoided saying , I can’t!

Karlo Enrico M. Dela Cruz, 22

SDI Media – Audio Engineer PD Level I

During my stay in John Robert Powers, I was so excited to learn something new each day. The classes I attended helped me discover a lot about myself with the changes that I have to do so I can be happy. After my sessions, my family liked the changes in me so going to John Robert Powers was a good decision after all.

Beatrice Maria A. Claudio, 18

De La Salle University, 1st Year College, PD Level I

I’ve been through ups and downs. When I was in college, failure is not much of an issue to me but after failing my CPA board exam, failure meant everything to me. That was the moment when my very “small” amount of confidence lost into thin air. With the personality development program that I have attended, I’ve realized that there’s more to life that I could offer and have. One of the facilitators even said to me that, that failure won’t define who I am. I hide from my friends for months, but after finishing my sessions, I was the one inviting them to hang out and cheering them up when they’re down. I’ve shared with them what I learned here and they’re happy to see me the way I am today. And the most important thing that happened to me is that it made me believe that everything happens for a reason.

Grace Q. Anonuevo, 22

University of Eastern Philippines PD Level 1

Before JRP, I don’t usually open up my ideas to others. I was brought up with the precaution to be careful of the words and actions I speak and do in public. Through the years, it made me insecure of my knowledge and ideas. I always answer to please. I don’t want others to see my flaws. The sessions in JRP made me realize that my knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of things around me can also contribute to the communities I belong to. In JRP, I learned to stand for myself so that I can stand up for others.

Baccay, Chamuel Jophiel Dave C., 19

De La Salle University PD Level III

Back into my childhood days, I used to go out and play with my cousins and my neighbors, that time I can say I had a life until I discover the world of online games. At the age of 12 until 18, I used to stay inside our house and spend the whole day in front of the computer playing games. Little did I know, my social skills were really behind of my age. I get terrified quickly whenever I talk or someone that I don’t know approaches me. That was the main reason why I did not hesitate to enroll here in JRP when my mom told me about it. I can say that JRP was one of the best decisions I did in my 20 years of existence. JRP helped me to believe in myself and for that I am really thankful.

Rivera, John Mico Fernan L., 20

Airlink International Aviation College PD Level III

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