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In school, I passed a very hard test in TLE because JRP taught me how to hold a spoon and fork and other utensils. I have more friends in school because JRP taught me how to be confident. I speak well and am more confident in speaking in front of class. My teachers like me because I am kind and well-mannered.


I have been a very shy person and when I enrolled at John Robert Powers, I have learned how to properly speak, how to express myself. I have been applying the things I’ve learned. I am still a little bit shy but I am improving through every action I make. When I was studying, I barely talked to anyone but once I continue to learn, I started opening up to those around me. I still struggle at speaking to people I just meet and speaking on stage but I remind myself of the things I learned at John Robert Powers. Even though I am still shy I have improved a lot at other things like my wardrobe, posture, and social graces. My friends and family notice that I’ve slightly changed but I will still keep learning and applying what I’ve learned at John Robert Powers.


VCIS, Grade VI

In John Robert Powers, I learned many things like table manners, posture, how to speak more clearly and to know my values and my goals in life. After I went to John Robert Powers, I applied everything I learned in my everyday life. There are a lot of things I learned, but the most important thing I learned is that I should know everything about myself, to be confident wherever I go and be aware of everything I do and everything around me.


Grace Christian College, Grade VI

I am writing this testimonial to share with you the pleasure of joining John Robert Powers. I learned how to improve myself by dressing up properly and expressing myself to other people. When my mom told me that I was going to JRP, I felt kind of annoyed because I just thought of staying at the house and just watch K-drama. When I got to JRP, I realized that my mom enrolled me here because she saw something from me that could be improved here in JRP.


Everest Academy – Grade 7
Personality Development Program Level IV

Enrolling in JRP will help you to communicate with others and develop your confidence. You will also learn a lot of things like etiquette, believability, and more. You’ll also learn how to take care of yourself by choosing the best clothes, to style yourself, and a lot more. JRP will teach you to be brave and to speak English very well.


Personality Development Program Level III

At first, I was hesitant to attend classes here at John Robert Powers, but now that I did, I definitely don’t regret it. It was more than I expected. It taught me a lot of new things. I really enjoyed and made new friends. It made me a better person.


De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, Grade 7
Personality Development Program Level III


I was the girl without direction. I was good with different things, but I didn't have an entire focus; a purpose, perhaps. I only take actions to get things done. I came to understand John Robert Powers' brand as my curiosity let me to engage and be part of the development center. This was where I discovered more of my self. I had potential. I had talents I didn't think I had in me. This self-discovery helped me further develop who I am now. Growing in this environment molded me to have a detailed eye in which gave me a different perspective on even the simplest things. Today, I find meaning in everything I do. Growing up with JRP by my side certainly helped me love myself and find my focus in life. I was the girl without direction, Now, I am the lady with purpose.

Cassandra Chloe D. Fernandez, 17

University of Asia and the Pacific - 1st Year College

Next year, I am going to study in Melbourne, Australia. I consider it a big step in my life. Furthermore, my parents decide that I should enroll in John Robert Powers as part of the preparation of my overseas education. I willingly agreed to their decision and enrolled right away. During my first day, I felt very nervous, but as the days passed by I felt at ease and homey. My teacher has taught me a lot of lessons such as verb consistency and proper grammar usage. I learned about my mistakes and how I should correct them. Moreover, it made me feel more confident to communicate using the English language. Thus, I will always keep the learnings in my mind and use it in my everyday life.


John Robert Powers has positively contributed to my way of life by teaching me things that can help me improve how I look, act, and feel about myself that aren’t normally part of a regular school curriculum. For example, I learned how to eat properly at a formal dinner and how to do various actions like sitting and walking in heels. I also learned exercises to help improve my posture, balance, and speech. I also learned how to determine my body shape and which clothes look good and not so good on me. Finally, I learned that everyone including me, is valuable and important, and so we should respect everyone including ourselves.


Grade 11

JRP taught me the importance of nurturing my own voice. They gave me the opportunity to improve the way I speak by constantly placing me in a trial by fire to overcome my fear of public speaking. Lastly, they also taught me the responsibility of owning up to what I say, what I do, and what I feel to ultimately teach me that only I am responsible for myself.


Grade 12, San Beda College Alabang

I, a student of JRP, have seen the capabilities of this institution to change a person. JRP is a high-class institute with high-class professionals who teach normal people the confidence in different perspectives.


Grade VI, Notre Dame of Greater Manila

Before I enrolled in John Robert Powers, I always felt like my appearance didn’t matter much. I wouldn’t wear dresses or pretty blouses either. I would just put on slacks and a nice button-up shirt. Nowadays, whenever a party or formal occasion / gathering is planned, I would wear a dress that would suit the event. Besides my improved appearance and gaining more confidence, I also experienced a new environment with new friends and learning more about myself – like how other people perceive me. Either a first impression or an opinion about me. I really had fun and a memorable experience in John Robert Powers, and I hope to inspire others as well.


Grade 10, Grace Christian College


Being a student a John Robert Powers is a great experience. It really helped me a lot. It helped me to be the best person that I can be. I am confident of what I am right now. Because of John Robert Powers, I am now confident in the way I look, speak, and deal with other people.


Personality Development Program Level III
3rd Year - Malayan Colleges Laguna

Before enrolling in John Robert Powers, I am scared to talk in front of a crowd. Public speaking is really my weakness and I don’t like having everyone’s attention. JRP has taught me how to value my voice and present myself in front of a lot of people. I was able to enhance my communication and interpersonal skills. This experience has molded me to be a better person by being mindful of the way I speak and listen to others. A person’s communication style says a lot about his/her personality and how people will respond.


Personality Development Program Level III
4th Year BS Accountancy - Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Thank you John Robert Powers for helping me discover the potentials that I, myself, haven’t seen in the first place as well as for helping boost more my self-confidence. I know for sure that all of the different knowledge gained from this experience will really benefit me for my future endeavors in life.


John Robert Powers is one of the best schools that anyone could ever attend. I am so glad that I have begged my parents to enroll me in this institution. Without JRP, I would not know where I will be in life as this school taught me how to grow as a person. I am thankful that I have joined JRP.


Valencia College, Accounting Student

Before I entered JRP, I had difficult time speaking in front of a large crowd. My self-confidence was somewhat low. Through JRP, I boosted my self-esteem and became a better person.


I want to thank JRP for helping me become confident as a woman and as a communicator. This experience made me realize that discipline is always not easy but it’s worth it.


Fresh Graduate


When I was encouraged by my parents to enrol at John Robert Powers, at first I wasn’t that willing to do it. When I had my assessment, that is when I realized I have a lot of things to improve on. I felt insecure and not confident. I was not sociable and was just a person unnoticed by others. After taking classes in JRP, I realized my potential – things that I can fix in myself that will greatly impact my life and my work. I became more sociable and more confident with myself. I excelled at work and have a better relationship with my family. There are still a lot of things to work on but through JRP, I have made a bold step forward to become a successful and better me.


Personality Development Program student

John Robert Powers gave me the opportunity to improve myself. The program gave me a chance to know my weaknesses and showed me how to work on them. In particular, I now know how to carry myself, how to behave in certain situations and how to communicate more effectively. The only thing left for me to do is apply all these to make the program effective. When you enrol in the program, always remember that you’re here to make mistakes and, most importantly, to learn from them.


Personality Development Program Level III

John Robert Powers has greatly helped in my career now. I was able to bring out the shy person inside of me. I am now able to project an image that is the best version of myself. I’ve never been so happy and contented with myself. I have learned to embrace my flaws and accept what I have and use it as an advantage instead.


Personality Development Program Level III
ABB Inc., Tendering Specialist

John Robert Powers will teach you or has taught me how to handle myself in front of an audience or a simple meeting with your bosses/ clients. I have to be conscious in some ways to improve and be open when corrected by others. Presentation of self is very important regardless of what you do each day. People around you will know how to deal with you. Remind youself/myself what I’m capable of doing and that I am worthy of every individual. Thank you, John Robert Powers!


Personality Development Program Special 1 on 1

My confidence really improved a lot especially when I finished my personality development course here in John Robert Powers. I gain confidence by learning on how to present myself to other people without hesitation and with grace. I am happy and satisfied with what JRP taught me. It’s priceless! I will recommend this school to others.


College Graduate, Freelance make-up artist

I was in a bad situation wherein the company I worked for has not been transparent with me; leaving me in a position where I had to do a job that I don’t like. I lost my self-confidence and was unsure how to get back in the line of work I want. So, my sister, for the countless time, urged my mom to enroll me here in JRP. She believes I lack social skills. At that time, I already finished my contract for that company I have been with. I was also looking for another job. I am working again now and I have regained confidence. I can even converse with strangers and do small talks at any given time. JRP has taught me to move on and see life in a better way.


Yondu Inc., Java Developer


Looking back, I spent my summer in John Robert Powers taking personality development classes and so much more. Brimming with pride and excitement, there I was with my colleagues gliding our feet while enjoying our runway polishing techniques - one of my favorite classes that made me confident to try the world of pageantry. Now, I’m reaping the advantage of investing my time wisely, from being a shy teen I now feel more adequate. The training I went through is now innate in me. Thanks to JRP for molding me to become a responsible adult, capable of maximizing my potentials to the fullest. Lastly, JRP has helped and shaped me into who I am today. The exposure and experience they gave like the “summer showcase” made me realize that they could really make things happen for you. I am now more comfortable dealing with people. The experience is one of the highlights of my teenage years.

Roanne Refrea, 26

Miss Tourism World Philippines 2015

John Robert Powers was my first step to reaching my goal. It helped me discover myself more and appreciate who I am as a person. It has also helped me enhance my skills and talents which are now very important in the industry that I am in. Learning from experienced instructors was a very good experience. They encouraged and guided me to be the best that I can be. John Robert Powers made it happen for me!

Jennifer Tarol Barrientos

Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2008

I learned how to present myself very well in front of the crowd in JRP. I also apply the believability lesson when I’m in the competition and believe that I’m beautiful, talented, and intelligent person. Although I don’t have any title yet, I’m still contented because I know I showed my best self. I will always be positive and patient until I reach my dreams. Lastly, if I lose one dream I still have another one.

Christine Mae Maligalig

Being part of the John Robert Powers family means a lot to me especially for teaching me improve my pageant career as well as applying it in my daily life style. I go to work with everything I have learned from JRP to be the best that I can be; not only pageants but also as a person in whatever field of work that I’ll be in the future. I like to have my own business. I know whenever I need further teaching, I’ll always turn to JRP as it’s the best out there. I would like to thank everyone especially the whole JRP team, my family and friends who have been pushing me hard to improve myself. I didn’t get my first target but I won’t stop, I will join more pageants and I’ll always be thankful to John Robert Powers for the success.

Ina Guerrero

Binibining Pilipinas candidate 2015

Lack of self-confidence, yes, you heard it right! It was the reason why I hated joining pageants at first. While everyone believed I can do it, I didn't. Until John Robert Powers made it possible and made it happen from speaking, walking, and interacting with other people. JRP helped me develop my overall personality.It all started with JRP! Thank you to my mentors and to John Robert Powers.

Leren Mae M. Bautista

Ms. Tourism Queen of the Year International 2015


At JRP, they taught me the necessary skills to overcome my fears and cultivate the art of self-expression. With their help, I learned to believe in my own abilities and not be hindered by my self-imposed limitations. From a shy, awkward boy stripped of all ambition and aspiration, I’ve grown into young man beaming with confidence and skills consistent with my career. Today I am a young actor, singer, dancer and commercial model and I have a lot to thank JRP for. So much has changed and the new Benigno De Guzman, Jr. is happy to have been a part of the John Robert Powers family. “Believe in yourself. Be who you are. Don’t be scared in challenges. You may not know but this challenge can one day bring you success.“

Ben De Guzman

Star Magic Artist

John Robert Powers helped me discover my passion in life. It made me realize that we should develop our God-given talent and share it with people around us. JRP honed my skills in acting and my entire personality. Everything was just a dream before and JRP made it all happen! Dream come true! Everything is possible. Just dream big, pursue it, and share it with passion.

Manel Sevidal


The English Learning Program of JRP helped me a lot in terms of socializing with other people. I learned how to use the tenses of verb correctly. I would recommend JRP to others because it is a good school for anyone who is having a hard time with English.

Karen Mae Reyes

ABS-CBN Artist

My overall experience in JRP has been a wonderful roller coaster ride! I just love how the class size is absolutely perfect! Being with different kinds of people and leaving the class with them as your friend is always fun. But of course, it could be scary at times, especially when they give you the wrong impression. That’s how JRP trains you. From how you dress to how you speak and how you stand up, it may all sound vain but what can you do? After all, everything starts from the first impression! Then personality comes next. That’s why it’s called personality development! They teach you how to openly express how you feel the proper way, which is to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Then if you think you’re ready for something extraordinary, I suggest you upgrade to the celebrity program! It’s my personal favorite! I never thought I would try acting nor hosting. But here I am, hosting events and soon, you’ll be seeing me in an independent film. So if you think you can’t act, host or model well, this program will help you see the light! This program will definitely bring out the superstar in you! JRP indeed makes your dreams come true!

Nikita Conwi

I remember when I started out as an awkward teenager at John Robert Powers 10 years ago. I was in high school and I believe I was still at that stage of discovering who I really was. One thing I knew—I loved performing and dreamed of seeing myself on TV one day. I didn’t really know what John Robert Powers was about until I saw an ad on the newspaper. I called up and I was immediately scheduled for an appointment by one of the consultants. To make the long story short, I started attending the personality development classes a week after speaking with my consultant. I found the lessons very helpful since I was at a “transition” stage. In the visual poise class, not only was I taught to walk with confidence but also command attention upon entering a room without having to say anything. I might have been too young to apply make-up but John Robert Powers made sure that students like me learned the importance of caring for one’s skin and hair. One of the classes that really made an impact in my life and present career was the voice communication class. I still remember the day my instructor told me that she knew she would see me on television one day, delivering the news or hosting a show. 10 years after, here I am enjoying my job as a broadcaster while imparting my knowledge and experience as one of the JRP instructors. John Robert Powers develops the skills and talents of every student, making sure that everyone reaches his/her fullest potential.

Ingrid Nieto

Radio DJ


Because of JRP, I have faced and have overcome my doubts and came out to be a more confident version of me. I have learned more about myself and my worth as a person. Miss Marisyll once said, “You are a person of substance; you are more than just a face and a body.” Confidence comes from within. It’s surely something that I will not take for granted but will yearn to develop.

Germaine Ferrer

Face of John Robert Powers 2015 Female Winner Personality Development Program Level 1

My favorite part of the Personality Development Program is the discussion about how to know my skin type, how to take care of my skin specially the face and how to do day and night make up. Next, I learned more about myself like what are my strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, the portion where I came to know what I need to improve and what I need to do to have a good impression.

Jade Bernardo

Face of John Robert Powers 2014

A lot has changed since I won the title of being the Face of John Robert Powers. One of these is change in my surroundings as a student. They admire and respect me. Most of them say, “Wow! Sikat ka na, friend! Model ka na!“. Some people recognize me even though I do not know them personally and it flatters me. I was also invited in general assemblies and other major events as their special guest. There was an instance where a candidate competing for the Engineering Ambassador and Ambassadress who asked me to teach him how to walk on a runway gracefully and how to project in front of the camera.

AJ Durana

Face of John Robert Powers 2014


JRP helped me to improve my English skills. They also helped me to be confident with foreign people. They will help you become the best version of yourself like wearing clothes that fit body type and the right hairstyle for our face shape. They will help you to love yourself. They will help you to become friendly from being shy. JRP helped me to become what I wanted to be. JRP helped me to know what I wanted to know.


Seacrest Maritime Management, Recruitment Staff / Encoder

I came here to improve my communication skills more through conversation. At first, we studied grammar rules. I can say that I have not studied the grammar rules as extensively as we had. I learned a lot from verb tenses up to subject-verb agreement. I discovered the grammar rules is (how we apply) easy to learn if we always apply or use it everyday. Basically, it's the application or constant use of the language that will make use effective communicators. On the second half of the program, which is conversation club, I also learned a lot such as application of what we learned from our Grammar class. We were able to express ourselves or communicate amongst our classmates by expressing verbally our self through activities.


Customer Service Specialist
English Learning Program, 1 Level

Before I was enrolled in the English Learning Program of JRP, I was always hesitant to speak in English. This actually affected my job interviews in the past. As I continued applying while taking up the program, I believe I saw the improvement. It made me more confident not just in speaking the language, but also in communicating with other people outside my applications. I was also able to learn new vocabularies and use them up until now. Furthermore, this program inspires me to continue growing and learning my communication skills.


Golden Archers Development Corporation, Family Relations Manager Trainee

JRP English center has greatly helped me with my communication skills. I am able to speak well and converse with different people. I'm comfortable in carrying a conversation with them which has helped a lot in my career now. My colleagues know I can handle any situation.


ABB INC. / Tender Specialist

Before I entered JRP, I wasn't confident with my English grammar. I mostly, based my judgment on the correct use of words and tenses on how good they sound. However, the training I had here in JRP equipped me with the tools need in speaking and writing in proper English. Unlike before, I can now say that I already have a strong command in the English language.


1 Stage English Learning Program
4th Year, De La Salle University

The first time that I went to JRP, I really don't know the right grammar, right verb for every sentence that I will say, but when I enrolled in JRP, it really helped me to improve my English.
I also learned how to pronounce words correctly and JRP really helped me not only with my English but it was a good experience I can use in the future.



I came to John Robert Powers with a dream. I didn’t fully realize this until I reached the age of 22. I wanted to show other people that I should not compromise one dream over the other because I can actually do all of them. Rarely do we find the opportunity to become fashion enthusiasts, models or beauty queens. JRP did not only teach us the HOW’s (social graces and etiquette, catwalk, make-up, projecting on the camera etc.) JRP also taught us the WHY’s. Beyond fame and glamor, why are we willing to put ourselves into the subject of scrutinization? Pageantry or modeling is not as easy as it seems. It takes practice, proper training and discipline. It is true that we, women, have to strive to keep improving ourselves especially if this is the career we want to fulfill. I made my choice to improve myself and to keep trying. YOU SHOULD TOO!


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

I want to share a story about a young princess who was living her dreams to the fullest. She was once a young princess who wanted to become a queen -- a queen who embodies perseverance and resiliency to work on her responsibilities. In order to achieve one's dream, we should undergo hardships. This young princess wants to thank the people who were there to support her in her dreams and to guide her in her journey. John Robert Powers was able to hone the princess' potential and capabilities. With JRP's unending love and support, the princess was molded to have a better personality and confidence to convey her message. Yes! I am the princess! Now, I am continuing to work on my responsibilities with the drive and spirit that JRP taught me. I wouldn't be able to stand in front of people relaying my advocacies without these amazing people. They fired-up my desire to encourage and motivate my co-youngsters to be the change for the future.


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

Just to share my experience, there's no doubt that I have learned how to be a beauty queen from all the tips and techniques that I was taught during the free pageant from John Robert Powers. Knowing effective communication, etiquette of a beauty queen, down to winning the crown are the things that I have learned during the beauty pageant training. The training helped me gain my confidence. JRP also honed my public speaking skills which will be useful in my future pageants. The go-sees and photoshoots, which have developed my skills, taught me that confidence is the key.


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

I am forever grateful to John Robert Powers for choosing me to be a sponsored beauty pageant trainee earlier this year. I was not only taught how to carry myself in pageants but it also helped me be more confident about myself! As a former pageant title holder (back in Cebu during my high school years), I will continue to apply everything I've learned from John Robert Powers Manila as I might join bigger pageants in the future. Aim higher and dream bigger!

Marie Frances De Guzman, 23

Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

I remember how I dreamed to be trained by John Robert Powers - one of the most prestigious personality development training centers in the country. When I participated in beauty pageants, I saw my favorite beauty queens being trained by them, and because of that, my will to join became stronger. That's why when I was accepted in their free pageant training, I was completely overwhelmed and excited when I realized the opportunity that I was given. Out of all those who joined, I was chosen as one of the 15 lucky ladies.

I sacrificed two days of school to have the chance to reach one of my dreams and I have no regrets. All of the lessons I learned from JRP were vital when it comes to aspiring achievements in a pageant but most importantly, what JRP has engraved in me is how to believe in myself. It taught me to naturally excel with what I'm doing, that I could reach whatever I want as long as I believe in myself.

I could do it all over again if given the chance, but for now, I want others to experience it as well. As JRP free pageant training go-see nears, ready your heels and your heart. Give your all as JRP is not for the faint of heart but for the lady who confidently wears her invisible crown. #winnersmindset #JRPPageantTraining.


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

Just like you, I just saw John Robert Powers’ advertisement on Facebook about the JRP Sponsored Beauty Pageant Training. Since it’s FREE, I immediately signed up with a strong belief that “there’s no harm in trying”. For an ordinary person with an extraordinary dream, it’s a huge blessing to be chosen as one of the 12 aspiring beauty queens who will experience their training for free.

Training in John Robert Powers was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will forever cherish. They offer more beyond lectures about self-awareness, make-up, effective communication, visual poise/ runway, social and business etiquette, and photo shoot. Gradually, they will help you grow more personally and professionally in discovering your potentials, honing your talents and skills, and becoming the best version of yourself. Now I know that there are still a lot to improve about myself. I challenged myself and did something outside my comfort zone. I will also hold dear the friendship I have made and the shared experiences I had with these women who have the same passion as mine. I’m forever grateful to our generous mentors who shared their expertise. I'll treasure everything I have learned and I'll use these as I join bigger national competitions in the near future.

This has been one of the best experiences of my pageant life and is really something I am genuinely proud of. I am very excited for other aspiring beauty queens to experience it, too. Not all women are given time to have their moment in the spotlight. So, opportunity needs to be seized. For those who wanted to go to their screening, I would like to advise that confidence is what you need to win a crown. The judges wanted to see a uniquely-gifted woman who is comfortable with herself. Always remember that we are all equally beautiful. It’s just how we carry and believe in ourselves.


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

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