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At JRP, they taught me the necessary skills to overcome my fears and cultivate the art of self-expression. With their help, I learned to believe in my own abilities and not be hindered by my self-imposed limitations. From a shy, awkward boy stripped of all ambition and aspiration, I’ve grown into young man beaming with confidence and skills consistent with my career. Today I am a young actor, singer, dancer and commercial model and I have a lot to thank JRP for. So much has changed and the new Benigno De Guzman, Jr. is happy to have been a part of the John Robert Powers family. “Believe in yourself. Be who you are. Don’t be scared in challenges. You may not know but this challenge can one day bring you success.“

Ben De Guzman

Star Magic Artist

John Robert Powers helped me discover my passion in life. It made me realize that we should develop our God-given talent and share it with people around us. JRP honed my skills in acting and my entire personality. Everything was just a dream before and JRP made it all happen! Dream come true! Everything is possible. Just dream big, pursue it, and share it with passion.

Manel Sevidal


The English Learning Program of JRP helped me a lot in terms of socializing with other people. I learned how to use the tenses of verb correctly. I would recommend JRP to others because it is a good school for anyone who is having a hard time with English.

Karen Mae Reyes

ABS-CBN Artist

My overall experience in JRP has been a wonderful roller coaster ride! I just love how the class size is absolutely perfect! Being with different kinds of people and leaving the class with them as your friend is always fun. But of course, it could be scary at times, especially when they give you the wrong impression. That’s how JRP trains you. From how you dress to how you speak and how you stand up, it may all sound vain but what can you do? After all, everything starts from the first impression! Then personality comes next. That’s why it’s called personality development! They teach you how to openly express how you feel the proper way, which is to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Then if you think you’re ready for something extraordinary, I suggest you upgrade to the celebrity program! It’s my personal favorite! I never thought I would try acting nor hosting. But here I am, hosting events and soon, you’ll be seeing me in an independent film. So if you think you can’t act, host or model well, this program will help you see the light! This program will definitely bring out the superstar in you! JRP indeed makes your dreams come true!

Nikita Conwi

I remember when I started out as an awkward teenager at John Robert Powers 10 years ago. I was in high school and I believe I was still at that stage of discovering who I really was. One thing I knew—I loved performing and dreamed of seeing myself on TV one day. I didn’t really know what John Robert Powers was about until I saw an ad on the newspaper. I called up and I was immediately scheduled for an appointment by one of the consultants. To make the long story short, I started attending the personality development classes a week after speaking with my consultant. I found the lessons very helpful since I was at a “transition” stage. In the visual poise class, not only was I taught to walk with confidence but also command attention upon entering a room without having to say anything. I might have been too young to apply make-up but John Robert Powers made sure that students like me learned the importance of caring for one’s skin and hair. One of the classes that really made an impact in my life and present career was the voice communication class. I still remember the day my instructor told me that she knew she would see me on television one day, delivering the news or hosting a show. 10 years after, here I am enjoying my job as a broadcaster while imparting my knowledge and experience as one of the JRP instructors. John Robert Powers develops the skills and talents of every student, making sure that everyone reaches his/her fullest potential.

Ingrid Nieto

Radio DJ

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