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Enrolling here in JRP helped me to be more confident and provided me more knowledge. Here, I understand the lessons I didn’t know while I was still in college. I know now the correct pronunciation that I didn’t know before. JRP helped me a lot and it was a great experience!


Personality Development Program Level III

I really want to thank John Robert Powers for everything. I am a person always put down my self because I was bullied. When I entered here, it improved the way I see myself and it made a big impact in my life. Thank you, sir Jem, Ma’am Pat, Miss Ning, Sir Francis, and other facilitators whom I’ve met. Now, I am ready to face the real world to achieve my dreams.


Far Eastern University
Personality Development Program Level III

Etiquette is not outdated and John Robert Powers taught me that. Being socially graceful, in it’s most basic form, is about respect for yourself, carrying yourself well and projecting a supreme image and respect for others, manners and good conversation. To know the things that will make me a better person and better to others. JRP has given me this knowledge and power to succeed in the future.


Enderun Colleges
Special PD 1 on 1

JRP helped me develop my confidence and taught me how to communicate with others. JRP also helped me present myself to others and how to dress-up properly.


DLSU – 4th year
Personality Development Program Level III

I worked in Keyland as a property specialist. Enrolling in JRP will help you communicate with others and develop your confidence. You will also learn a lot of things like etiquette, believability and more. You’ll also learn how to take care of yourself by choosing the best clothes, by styling yourself and a lot more. JRP made me a better person.


Property Specialist
Personality Development Program Level 1

I would say that the program makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses in personality. It gives you clear things to do in order to boost yourself and your relationship with others. After this, I’m certain that I’ll get into the music production program in my school and I’ll do well when I get these.


Benilde College of Music – 3rd Year
Personality Development Program
Special One-on-One

I personally enrolled at JRP since I’ve heard/ read good things about it since I was in high school. I asked my mom if I could enroll at JRP and when I’ve got the time to finally do it, I didn’t hesitate to join this institution. I believe JRP has helped me become a better person mostly with the way I present myself and I also think I’ve been better with conversations. JRP also introduced me to people whom I now consider friends. I may not be there yet but with the knowledge JRP has imparted, I know I will achieve my full potential.


John Robert Powers taught me to discipline myself with the way I look and dress. It taught me to assert myself in difficult situations and to address my emotion at the right time. I feel better now that I have accumulated plenty of knowledge on proper posture, business etiquette and voice communication. It is up to me to uphold these things that I learned and apply them in real life.


UP Diliman – 5th Year BS Mechanical Engineering
Personality Development Program Level III

John Robert Powers has greatly influenced me to constantly seek to learn new things so that I will be equipped to face the real world. It has taught me skills that can never be raised in a conventional educational center. Truly, it boosted my overall self image and made me realize that there are a lot I can do with my talents and capabilities. One of the best things about this institution is the people I met along the way. Though different in many ways, we all came here to become better. Hence, there is less to no judgments from the environment. Ultimately, JRP has taught me that I am an investment myself. Therefore, I should never stop striving to become the best version of myself no matter what it takes.


Business Development Officer
Personality Development Program Level IV

JRP’s Personality Development Program helped me become a better version of me. Before JRP’s program, I used to believe that I had this “Social Anxiety” that makes me afraid of talking to people. I was stuck to my comfort zone and was playing it safe all the time. Therefore, I am not socially inclined in the past and it affected my social life and growth as a person. I expressed this concern to my parents so they decided to enroll me in JRP. The Personality Development Program helped me reflect on where did I go wrong in the past and build my confidence by improving the little things I don’t give emphasis into such as the way I move or I dress or talk and many more. JRP’s enforcement of positivity also makes learning more effective and some of the classes are fun. Finishing the program made me courageous more than ever unlike my past self being timid and afraid all the time. JRP made me realize that this social anxiety I used to believe was just my lame excuse. I am really happy that I enrolled in JRP. If you are a person who is done being shy and wanted to get out of your comfort zone but don’t know where to start, John Robert Powers is the right ground for you.


UST – BS in Civil Engineering, Licensed Civil Engineer

After taking the sessions from John Robert Powers, I enjoyed learning the processes of personal development. One needs to be confident by knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses and how to bring out the positivity in you. To achieve it, you have to believe in yourself and to project that you can do great things.


When I entered John Robert Powers, I didn’t expect that it will change me, but now, I’m very vocal that it helped me a lot especially on personality development. It improved my personality. Now I know myself completely and what I am capable of doing. It improved my image like how to dress in different occasions and what fits my body. Voice communication did a great work on how to communicate well to other people. JRP and its people are very friendly and accommodating.


Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba
Personality Development Program Level III
1 Stage English Learning Program

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