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Before joining JRP, it was a struggle for me to express myself. I was hesitant and unsure of what I want to set for myself. Even telling my parents that I took an assessment in JRP was hard for me. Yes, I went to JRP without them knowing. It was a relief when I told them and they encouraged me to enroll. After a year of personality development program, I developed my confidence, and changed my perspective. JRP made me realize what I am capable of and what more I can do. They helped me improved physically, emotionally, and mentally. JRP led me to a path of positivity and openness towards myself and others.

Engelyn La Madrid Roxas, 29

Heatwave Industrial Sales – Product Design Engineer

JRP emphasizes the importance of being confident and sensitive – that is JRP’s philosophy of happiness. These two go hand in hand if a person wants to find happiness in life. Happiness is always in between caring for one’s self and for others – be yourself not only for your own but also for others. I must say from my experiences of failures and successes, it is like walking on a tight rope – balancing between believing that you can shape your own life and believing that you can shape your own life and believing that others can shape it, too. Yet if one comes to believe that he can do everything better than everyone, he feels nothing but inferiority that drains the life out of him / her. Our lives always need a delicate balance of confidence and sensitivity to keep us from falling into inferiority, jealousy, and unhappiness. JRP, through its personality development program, helped find my own balance. The image makeover sessions really helped me feel good about myself and made me realize that I can be the person that I wanted to be. The social etiquette and voice communication classes highlighted the value of respecting and appreciating one another’s culture, religion, and lifestyles, and that made me realize that my story is just one of the many but nonetheless fascinating and significant enough to be shared. My JRP experience overall has been educational and reflective, and I am looking forward sharing what I have learned in my own way.

Setting my foot at JRP is just a dream before, but now that a dream of mine became a reality. I am now a proud alumna of John Robert Powers. Looking back several years ago, I just stared at the billboards of JRP telling myself that one day after I graduate from college and I already am earning my own money, I will enroll myself at this prestigious center. The things that I have learned from JRP are the very helpful lessons / learning I will cherish for a lifetime.

Noreen L. Tibay, 30

Former HR Officer at Toshiba, Personality Development Program Level 1

I have learned the best and important part of my life from JRP which is confidence. My journey in JRP has always been helpful, the sessions were very attractive, practical, goal-oriented and emotional, too. I personally started benefitting and saw the improvement in myself from all of the sessions/ class I have attended.

Jefferson B. Desamito, 36

Solutions Enablement Supervisor

I wish I learned these things back when I was still in elementary. If I did, I would be unstoppable (just kidding). I hope that our education system in the Philippines considers adapting the courses I learned here so that many Filipinos will raise the bar on how they interact with other people.

Lorraine Liao, 28

Polytechnic University of the Philippines + UX Designer

My mom once asked me if it is worth it if she enrolls me in JRP and that if I have a child, would I enroll him / her, too? I told her that yes it was worth it. The experience itself is worth it. I’ve learned a lot from the instructors. I was inspired by them that I can also achieve everything I want in life. Every story I’ve heard was the best lesson I’ve learned in JRP. Although, after JRP doesn’t mean that I’m already great in everything that I do. It’s not like magic. I still have a lot to work on with myself because it’s a continuous process. I will remember JRP as an organization that pushed me beyond my limit and I am thankful for that.

Beverly M. de Luna, 22

Personality Development Program Level III

The Executive Development Program of John Robert Powers has so much to offer even to a professional like me. There are aspects of the program that helped me to further examine myself, where I need to improve, and what I must do to be a better person and executive. The instructors are experts in their respective fields and they create a constructive learning environment for young adults and professionals alike. I would recommend their executive track program to anyone who is looking for advancement.

Roel D. Mapoy, 37

Director of Primary Law, Reed Elsevier Phils.

John Robert Powers helped a lot in bringing out the “bests” in me. It helped me achieve my dreams. I have working in the call center industry for ten years. I dreamt of becoming a part of the training department but had fears of submitting an application form because I am an undergraduate. I know deep within me that I can but I am not confident enough and had doubts about myself. Then, I decided to enroll at JRP. I started attending classes at JRP in July 2016 and changes began. I became aware of myself and started to believe that I have what it takes to become a trainer. I grabbed the opportunity when our company opened the associate trainer’s position. On November 26, 2017, I was hired as an Associate Trainer! Indeed, I am special. I am valuable. Dreams do come true…JRP makes it happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you JRP!

Filipina Vitug, 37

Associate Trainer at VXI

John Robert Powers has helped me develop my personality by improving my attitude and perspective towards things. I have become more optimistic in looking at different situations. I now see struggles and challenges as opportunities to learn new things; strengthen significant values and discover myself more. John Robert Powers has enhanced my skills to become a more effective communicator. I am now more understanding and considerate towards other people’s views and thoughts and I always make sure that I really listen to them rather than just hear them. Furthermore, I have also learned to be more aware of how I present myself physically, thus boosting my self-esteem as I face other people and have conversations with them. I am really grateful that JRP made me realize my potentials. Now, I am more confident to face the world and to show what I can do and what I can become.

Katrina Almario Roseos, 25

C.H.I.L.D. Preschool, Teacher

Since attending the classes at JRP, I find myself having more pride in how I look and present myself. I learned how to take better care of myself, how to better choose my clothes and gain a better understanding of myself, what I have been doing right, what I have been doing wrong and what I need to improve. I now have an idea of the path I need to follow to become a better me.

Justine De Vera Lim, 33

JRP is a good school. The instructors will share their knowledge in their subject. I learned from them. However, it take time and practice to adopt the knowledge they shared. I think, one set of class/program is not enough. I need to enroll / learn more and practice more.

Mary Grace Mendoza, 28


In the beginning, I enrolled here to improve how I look (personal appearance). After going through the entire program, I got so much more to prepare me perform my jobs and responsibilities in life. JRP was able to enhance / improve my confidence, my attitude and beliefs.

Melissa Tan, 26

Executive Assistant

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