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JRP really helped me change my image and how I can be more confident with myself. Before I came to JRP, they see me as a kid who doesn’t know how to be responsible to lead a team. Now, I can already talk to my team as a team leader and I can confidently face and express myself to anyone.

Romeo Balais, Jr., 25


John Robert Powers made me a better person by the way I present myself to others. It helped me improve my social skills. It gave me an unforgettable experience that I will cherish until the end of my life.

Gil E. Datingaling, 25

Business Manager

John Robert Powers helped me look at the world and myself in a totally different light. I have come to realize that I am more capable and braver than I thought. JRP helped me face my fears by not changing who I am but by enlightening me about the skills I need to improve and enhance. JRP also gave me the confidence that I can do it. JRP saw a lot of potential in me that I wouldn’t even recognize. I know that I’m still a work in progress, but then again I learned that self-improvement involves learning new things each day and I’m open to that.

Maria Cristina S. Ramos, 24

Product Development Officer, CIFRA Marketing Corporation, PD Level IV

I didn’t really expect that I was going to enrol here at JRP. My parents were able to persuade me since they’re going to pay the tuition. So, I decided to give it a shot and guess what? I did enjoy the experience. First of all JRP, I’m very thankful that I became part of this institution. Now, I’m much more comfortable assessing my strengths and weaknesses. Second, I’d like to tell that your faculty and staff really handled the classes well. Never in my life did I imagine that every session will be so much fun and interactive. I’ve made some new friends, too. Finally, thank you very much for giving us lessons and tips that motivated us to improve or maybe change ourselves from how it used to be.

Francis Noel C. Quevedo, 24

Architect, PD Level III

John Robert Powers taught me helpful tools and theories. It helped me understand some aspects of communication, grooming, and social interaction. I wish each class is given more time allowance in talking more about relevant matters and how each tool and theory relate to our daily lives.

Johann De Guzman, 24

Real Estate Broker, PD Level III

I have always dreamt of becoming successful. I believe that I need to commit to lifelong learning to create better version of myself. The Personality Development Program and English Learning Program have trained me to improve my self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem. I have applied the set of skills I learned from applying to different corporations, joining a national beauty pageant, working as an executive in a banking firm, representing an international non-profit organization as a Philippine Delegate / Spokesperson, and practicing my profession as an entrepreneur. John Robert Powers has helped me achieved my dreams! I’m truly grateful!

Anngeli Pauline C. Ong, 23

University of Sto. Tomas, BS in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management Batch 2012 Enterpreneur

When I was in high school, I had major trouble in interacting with my classmates because I was quiet and behaved and prioritized studying more than hanging out with them. I got good grades but I was unaware that learnings are important than grades. I was the same back in college until I loosened up a bit. I made a lot of friends but I wasn’t sure of what I really wanted to be in the future because the degree I took did not define me as a person. I was unemployed for a year until I found out about John Robert Powers in January 2015. Thanks to JRP, I get to be more open about my advocacies and opinions; that I’m a feminist and I support the rights and welfare of the LGBT community. As time passes by, I understood more of myself and what I believe in, as well as exploring new hobbies, and unfortunately, I’m regularly employed as of April 2016. As human beings, we deserve to be treated with equality and respect, and we should not be treated according to specified gender norms. I guarantee people that JRP is a helpful agency for them to have the opportunity to show who they really are and embrace their individuality. Believe it or not, their views will change and become wiser and more aware of what the world has to offer. Remember, words are powerful and one should be careful of his / her choice of words because they can make or break. There’s also a saying that actions speak louder than words, which means you don’t have to use words all the time to express yourself. I’ve become a more unique person and I hope people would find their uniqueness within them.

Kurt Stanley Teh, 23

Accounting Staff Personality Development Program Level IV

John Robert Powers tapped several aspects in my life leading to a holistic transformation. It instilled in my heart that beauty should always begin internally- a beauty that will never run out of light and purpose. I can proudly say that I now project a life full of positivity, confidence, and clarity. It made me believe that I am a work in progress, committed to create a better version of myself.

Aliza Sy, 28

Certified Public Accountant Personality Development Program Level III

JRP program helped me improve my self confidence. I can now breathe outside my comfort zone. The program helped me know and develop my potentials. I am now ready to face the challenges ahead especially in the workplace.

Sheila Baldivia, 44

Engineer, Senior Manager, PD Level III

I wanted to become a businessperson before I joined JRP. However, I was shy and unable to carry myself confidently. After five years, I am now a licensed Real Estate Broker and Appraiser. My job requires a lot of talking with different people and had I not learned communication skills in JRP, I would not have been this successful.

Michael M. Ong, 27

Real Estate Broker PD Level IV

Don’t give up on learning”, this is one of the pieces of advice that inspired me to develop my personality and to move further in achieving my goals and objectives. Age should not be a barrier in learning. No matter how young or old you are, and no matter how difficult it may be, as long as you are eager and motivated to learn, nothing is impossible in achieving success.

Elmer Manalaysay, 40

PD Special Course

John Robert Powers helps me a lot when it comes to self confidence since I was a shy kid before, but then after I went through the personality development program, it helped me the proper way about things I needed to know.

Arianne Marie M. Abogada, 24

Student, Mapua Institute of Technology -4th Year College

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