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I came to John Robert Powers with a dream. I didn’t fully realize this until I reached the age of 22. I wanted to show other people that I should not compromise one dream over the other because I can actually do all of them. Rarely do we find the opportunity to become fashion enthusiasts, models or beauty queens. JRP did not only teach us the HOW’s (social graces and etiquette, catwalk, make-up, projecting on the camera etc.) JRP also taught us the WHY’s. Beyond fame and glamor, why are we willing to put ourselves into the subject of scrutinization? Pageantry or modeling is not as easy as it seems. It takes practice, proper training and discipline. It is true that we, women, have to strive to keep improving ourselves especially if this is the career we want to fulfill. I made my choice to improve myself and to keep trying. YOU SHOULD TOO!


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

I want to share a story about a young princess who was living her dreams to the fullest. She was once a young princess who wanted to become a queen -- a queen who embodies perseverance and resiliency to work on her responsibilities. In order to achieve one's dream, we should undergo hardships. This young princess wants to thank the people who were there to support her in her dreams and to guide her in her journey. John Robert Powers was able to hone the princess' potential and capabilities. With JRP's unending love and support, the princess was molded to have a better personality and confidence to convey her message. Yes! I am the princess! Now, I am continuing to work on my responsibilities with the drive and spirit that JRP taught me. I wouldn't be able to stand in front of people relaying my advocacies without these amazing people. They fired-up my desire to encourage and motivate my co-youngsters to be the change for the future.


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

Just to share my experience, there's no doubt that I have learned how to be a beauty queen from all the tips and techniques that I was taught during the free pageant from John Robert Powers. Knowing effective communication, etiquette of a beauty queen, down to winning the crown are the things that I have learned during the beauty pageant training. The training helped me gain my confidence. JRP also honed my public speaking skills which will be useful in my future pageants. The go-sees and photoshoots, which have developed my skills, taught me that confidence is the key.


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

I am forever grateful to John Robert Powers for choosing me to be a sponsored beauty pageant trainee earlier this year. I was not only taught how to carry myself in pageants but it also helped me be more confident about myself! As a former pageant title holder (back in Cebu during my high school years), I will continue to apply everything I've learned from John Robert Powers Manila as I might join bigger pageants in the future. Aim higher and dream bigger!

Marie Frances De Guzman, 23

Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

I remember how I dreamed to be trained by John Robert Powers - one of the most prestigious personality development training centers in the country. When I participated in beauty pageants, I saw my favorite beauty queens being trained by them, and because of that, my will to join became stronger. That's why when I was accepted in their free pageant training, I was completely overwhelmed and excited when I realized the opportunity that I was given. Out of all those who joined, I was chosen as one of the 15 lucky ladies.

I sacrificed two days of school to have the chance to reach one of my dreams and I have no regrets. All of the lessons I learned from JRP were vital when it comes to aspiring achievements in a pageant but most importantly, what JRP has engraved in me is how to believe in myself. It taught me to naturally excel with what I'm doing, that I could reach whatever I want as long as I believe in myself.

I could do it all over again if given the chance, but for now, I want others to experience it as well. As JRP free pageant training go-see nears, ready your heels and your heart. Give your all as JRP is not for the faint of heart but for the lady who confidently wears her invisible crown. #winnersmindset #JRPPageantTraining.


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

Just like you, I just saw John Robert Powers’ advertisement on Facebook about the JRP Sponsored Beauty Pageant Training. Since it’s FREE, I immediately signed up with a strong belief that “there’s no harm in trying”. For an ordinary person with an extraordinary dream, it’s a huge blessing to be chosen as one of the 12 aspiring beauty queens who will experience their training for free.

Training in John Robert Powers was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will forever cherish. They offer more beyond lectures about self-awareness, make-up, effective communication, visual poise/ runway, social and business etiquette, and photo shoot. Gradually, they will help you grow more personally and professionally in discovering your potentials, honing your talents and skills, and becoming the best version of yourself. Now I know that there are still a lot to improve about myself. I challenged myself and did something outside my comfort zone. I will also hold dear the friendship I have made and the shared experiences I had with these women who have the same passion as mine. I’m forever grateful to our generous mentors who shared their expertise. I'll treasure everything I have learned and I'll use these as I join bigger national competitions in the near future.

This has been one of the best experiences of my pageant life and is really something I am genuinely proud of. I am very excited for other aspiring beauty queens to experience it, too. Not all women are given time to have their moment in the spotlight. So, opportunity needs to be seized. For those who wanted to go to their screening, I would like to advise that confidence is what you need to win a crown. The judges wanted to see a uniquely-gifted woman who is comfortable with herself. Always remember that we are all equally beautiful. It’s just how we carry and believe in ourselves.


Sponsored Pageant Trainee Batch III

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