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I was the girl without direction. I was good with different things, but I didn't have an entire focus; a purpose, perhaps. I only take actions to get things done. I came to understand John Robert Powers' brand as my curiosity let me to engage and be part of the development center. This was where I discovered more of my self. I had potential. I had talents I didn't think I had in me. This self-discovery helped me further develop who I am now. Growing in this environment molded me to have a detailed eye in which gave me a different perspective on even the simplest things. Today, I find meaning in everything I do. Growing up with JRP by my side certainly helped me love myself and find my focus in life. I was the girl without direction, Now, I am the lady with purpose.

Cassandra Chloe D. Fernandez, 17

University of Asia and the Pacific - 1st Year College

Next year, I am going to study in Melbourne, Australia. I consider it a big step in my life. Furthermore, my parents decide that I should enroll in John Robert Powers as part of the preparation of my overseas education. I willingly agreed to their decision and enrolled right away. During my first day, I felt very nervous, but as the days passed by I felt at ease and homey. My teacher has taught me a lot of lessons such as verb consistency and proper grammar usage. I learned about my mistakes and how I should correct them. Moreover, it made me feel more confident to communicate using the English language. Thus, I will always keep the learnings in my mind and use it in my everyday life.


John Robert Powers has positively contributed to my way of life by teaching me things that can help me improve how I look, act, and feel about myself that aren’t normally part of a regular school curriculum. For example, I learned how to eat properly at a formal dinner and how to do various actions like sitting and walking in heels. I also learned exercises to help improve my posture, balance, and speech. I also learned how to determine my body shape and which clothes look good and not so good on me. Finally, I learned that everyone including me, is valuable and important, and so we should respect everyone including ourselves.


Grade 11

JRP taught me the importance of nurturing my own voice. They gave me the opportunity to improve the way I speak by constantly placing me in a trial by fire to overcome my fear of public speaking. Lastly, they also taught me the responsibility of owning up to what I say, what I do, and what I feel to ultimately teach me that only I am responsible for myself.


Grade 12, San Beda College Alabang

I, a student of JRP, have seen the capabilities of this institution to change a person. JRP is a high-class institute with high-class professionals who teach normal people the confidence in different perspectives.


Grade VI, Notre Dame of Greater Manila

Before I enrolled in John Robert Powers, I always felt like my appearance didn’t matter much. I wouldn’t wear dresses or pretty blouses either. I would just put on slacks and a nice button-up shirt. Nowadays, whenever a party or formal occasion / gathering is planned, I would wear a dress that would suit the event. Besides my improved appearance and gaining more confidence, I also experienced a new environment with new friends and learning more about myself – like how other people perceive me. Either a first impression or an opinion about me. I really had fun and a memorable experience in John Robert Powers, and I hope to inspire others as well.


Grade 10, Grace Christian College

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