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This program is very helpful. It made me gain much confidence in myself. It helped me carry myself properly. This program also improved my ability by helping speak out my thoughts. After the program, I felt better and applied most of the knowledge I learned on a day-to-day basis. JRP really helped me a lot.

Emmanuel Magbanua, 14

Meridian, Grade 8, PD Level II

It was a great experience in JRP. I learned a lot in being more confident in life. It did boost my self – esteem. I am used to talking to people now. I used to be really shy before and it has helped me in many ways. I look forward to achieving my goals in the future.

Niko Samtani, 17

Online College – 1st Year College PD Level III

John Robert Powers helped me in a lot of ways. It helped me boost my confidence, increase my knowledge and improve my social skills.

Nathaniel L. Dela Cruz, 16

DLSU – 1st Year College

They taught me everything I didn’t know before and helped me improve on areas I need to work on. They taught me how to communicate well with others.

Martina Michelle B. Reyes, 17

John Robert Powers helped me build confidence and overcome my fear in facing a crowd. Before I joined John Robert Powers, I was really shy and uncomfortable with people I don’t know. Whenever I stand in front of a crowd, my legs always shake and whenever I speak, my voice becomes shaky too. My mother decided that she’d let me join John Robert Powers with my sister. At first, I didn’t like it. Until I joined John Robert Powers, I realized I’m developing my personality. Now, I feel comfortable and not iffy. I’m grateful to my parents for this John Robert Powers experience.

Ma. Rosario S. Castro, 15

Student, Palm Crest International School – Grade 10

When I started classes in John Robert Powers, it felt nothing special for me but as days go by other people saw good and positive improvement about me. I felt more confident in how I start a conversation with people and how I dress. I finally have my own style in wearing clothes. Also I have this sense of achievement because I finally get to decide on things by myself. I thank John Robert Powers for all of these improvements that I have accomplished.

Ranen Nathaniel C. Lim, 16

Student, De La Salle University – 1st Year College

To be honest, I really am grateful to be enrolled in John Robert Powers. Ever since the first day of class, I learned something. I’m quite a curious person and I easily get interested in such topics. Because of the sessions that I’ve attended, I feel like I’ve become a different person. If I compare myself to the girl I was before, I would laugh at myself for being such a timid, lazy, negative girl who has no sense of fashion or looks before. I became completely different and has transformed to a new and better me.

Roschelle Gem S. Castro, 14

Student, Palm Crest International School Grade 9

My experience here at John Robert Powers is great because I got really interested in learning and its importance. I enjoyed the sessions so much that I like to enroll again. I also realized that it is important to apply what I learned in the sessions.

Angelica Bumanglag, 17


It taught me how to dress more decently and what would fit the right occasion and my body type. It also gave me knowledge about etiquette. They gave me words of encouragement to feel better about myself. I’d like to thank John Robert Powers and my parents for putting an effort to help me know that it is me who should do something to improve myself and not constantly whine about others. Then again, I give my utmost gratitude to you all.

Kassandra Louise L. Abad, 16

Student, Miriam College – 1st Year College

When I first came to JRP, I wasn’t as confident as I am now. I learned how to present myself in a much more presentable and pleasing manner. I got to meet interesting people here at John Robert Powers, the facilitators, staff, and of course, my fellow JRP students. I’m grateful for the learnings I have gained. I know I will be able to use all these in the present and help me out in the long run.

Andrea B. Enciso, 17

Student, Ateneo De Manila University – 1st Year College

I don’t really have that much confidence when I came to John Robert Powers. That’s why, my parents enrolled me here so that I could present myself well since I’m going to college. I’ve reflected on myself during sessions, met friends, and inspired to improve. Now, I am still working on my confidence, speaking, and physical appearance. I know the sessions helped me a lot to do it right. I also shared it to my cousin so that we can both improve ourselves. John Robert Powers is a great blessing to me and experience I’ll never forget.

Micah Joy Aldave Agapito, 16

Student, University of the Philippines Los Banos

John Robert Powers has been such a help to me. The lessons that were taught, whether life lessons or theories, are things that I can and will apply in life. I made friends that have imprinted on me a different view of the world. The facilitators also became my friends and they gave great advice on their particular subjects and even about life.

Ysabel Galupe, 15

Student, Grace Christian College – Grade 10

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