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John Robert Powers has provided me good motivational and life lessons which I would always remember greatly, especially in my hard times in my high school days. While the more external lessons helped me in realizing the importance of my external image, it also instilled more maturity and confidence indeed. All these had improved me a bit, lately.

Elijah John M. Encinas, 16

St. Mary’s College - Grade 10, PD Level I

I am Clyde Navarro and as a student of John Robert Powers, it is an honor to be enrolled in this training center. This center helped me develop my personality; The most special of which is developing my confidence.

Clyde P. Navarro, 17

Student, Enderun College

John Robert Powers has made some improvement in me. Most evidently, it improved my posture when standing, sitting, and walking; my back is more straight, and my head sometimes is not tilted forward anymore. It also helped me be more aware of my clothes, designs, and what would look good on me, and I can apply this when going to an important event, and wherever I have to. It gave me an insight on the importance of believability, the different roles we play, and being more straightforward and less awkward in conversations. Through this, I can also deliver speeches better, with better voice projection, pauses, and control of tone.

Jason Matthew Tan Tung, 17

Student, De La Salle University – 3rd Year College

John Robert Powers is a high voltage battery that pushed me through a highly resistant electric current (society).

Alessa Clarice R. Interior, 17

Miriam College, Grade 12

This organization is a great place to learn more about yourself. It helped how to be presentable in my community. It also helped me to cope with others during classes and how I can use them outside JRP. I am really proud of this organization and I hope it can still help others.

Maximillian II A. Quintos, 16

La Salle Greenhills, Grade 2

Before I started my sessions at John Robert Powers, I doubted because what if I don’t learn anything or what if it won’t help me, or it won’t be fun. I had no idea about John Robert Powers when I started. I felt nervous the first day because I was not confident that time. I had new friends and learned a lot of things. The daily sessions helped me build up my confidence and overcome my shyness. All the sessions helped me to boost my confidence especially when I joined the showcase.

Kelly Karly T. Sy, 13

UNO High School Grade 9

John Robert Powers helped me to be a better version of myself. Before, I was a very timid and quiet person and then I took JRP classes last summer. Now, I’m still shy but I have improved greatly. I know my manners and I am more confident. I’m very glad that JRP has positively contributed to my life as a student and as a daughter.

Daphne Marie Pamintuan Ang, 13

Miriam College, Grade 9

I guess I improved in or improved my confidence and how I look and feel about myself.

Francine Katriana R. Coronel, 14

Grade 9 – Poveda

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